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The Behrens group interacts with the media in a very appreciative way. We regularly inform the media of new KMR products and services, as well as remarkable and extraordinary applications.

Individual technical publications can be offered as well. Please contact us.

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KMR – in pictures and words – our press releases:

KMR KG-System

Press release as PDF: mobile sktater, hand tool and stapler

KMR KG-System: mobile skater, hand tool and staple

  • New KMR skater with 3477 stapler
  • New hand tool KMR 3477 stapler
  • KMR staple KG, compatible with other tools

Ahrensburg, 17th May 2018 — The design of the KG staple is very often used in the fastening of board materials in timber construction. KMR has now developed a complete system for processing with a mobile skater base and air powered stapler. Furthermore, the typical design of the sta-ple was optimised so it can be used in other tools, not just with KMR tools.
As system supplier, KMR offers the KMR staple KG with a diameter of 1.57 x 1.44 mm and a length of 45 to 65 mm, made of electrogalva-nized steel and corrosion resistant steel A2. The staple satisfies the requirements of Eurocode 5.

KMR staples for more safety for ceiling mount

Press release as PDF: KMR staples with European Technical Assesment

KMR staples with European Technical Assessment

  • Certification for long term loads
  • Types KG700, Q, SD, BS and G
  • Application technology offers assistance

Ahrensburg, February 2017— The European Technical Assessment (ETA) replaces German certifications that will only be valid until 2019. It sets higher and very practice orientated standards for products other than the previously applicable German certifications. Apart from the tried and tested KMR staples with CE label and EN 14592 for short and medium term load durations, KMR, as specialists for fastening technolo-gy for wood and wood like construction materials, offers staples with ETA (15/0860) for service classes 1 and 2. These products are certified for long term loads with continuous pull force. This applies for example to fixing of suspended ceilings or ceiling elements.

The new KMR screw systems reduce costs

Press release as PDF: KMR screw system for terraces and facades

New KMR screw system for terraces and facades

  • New: magazine loaded KMR half-thread screws
  • KMR screwdrivers with coil magazine save time
  • Extension facilitates up-right screwing

Ahrensburg, 20. February 2018— Fastening screws to mount the cladding of wood facades and the floor boards of wood terraces is very time consuming. KMR has developed a new screwing system with magazine loaded halfthread screws and coil magazine screw drivers (powered either by rechargeable battery or electric power) for serial fastening. This innovative technology, compared to conventional screwing using a drill/driver, saves working time, and thus costs, while facilitating very precise and consistent screw
placement. In addition, scratch sensitive surfaces are protected from accidental scratches from free hanging screws. In addition, KMR offers a convenient extension accessory in order to fasten floors and terrace boards from an
upright position.

KMR – The future has a name

KMR: The future has a name

In business, change is the only constant. Market mechanisms change, user habits change. We have always seen change as an opportunity to question our actions in order to actively shape change. With this self belief, the Behrens Group took over Karl M. Reich Verbindungstechnik GmbH in 2013 and integrated it as a business unit.

KMR – in pictures and sound

The KMR media center offers a huge quantity of logos, photos and videos. They are free for use in publications about KMR and KMR products, subject to KMR author’s note. For commercial use KMR’s prior approval is mandatory.

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