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"Like the players, fans also aspire to be loyal to classics while pursuing excellence. Therefore, we meet the aspirations of players and fans, retain classic elements in design, and integrate into the most advanced technology at present, to meet the needs from field to street, street to stadium."The official website of NFL | red boss criticized Griffin to apologize for the | football Washington red skin is again upset this week with quarterback issues. The two sides are Robert Griffin III and Robert Gruden, the coach of Robert. Earlier this week, Mr. Groton publicly criticized Griffin, who decided to apologize for his previous remarks on Wednesday local time. Groton said: I think it's my problem and I made a mistake. After a loss, everyone was disappointed. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping When asked about our performance and future changes, I blurted out the first idea without thinking carefully. You know, the first feeling is often unreliable. As a coach, I made a mistake in this area. As we expected, as we expected, Griffin and Gunton would not be rigid, and two people chose to close the door to solve them. For red skin, if all people can unite together, they have the ability to get out of the trouble. But for the fans, for the team, the coach's public criticism of the main quarterback is obviously not what you would like to see.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for transaction safety Mark Barron (Mark Barron) this matter not kidding. NFL official website reporter Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) according to sources within the pirates have reported at four p.m. EST Tuesday trading deadline, the first safetys traded to the Saint Louis rams. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the goats would be exchanged for a four - wheel signature and a six - wheel signature to the pirates. At on Tuesday morning that the pirates are willing to trade the 2012 NFL draft total seventh pick Barone, a wonderful college career at the University of Alabama, in his 37 start in the past only 3 steals. His performance was ranked sixty-sixth in the same position by Pro Football Focus. Such a bad performance is hard to match its first round high rank player's status. But for , at T.J. Macdonald (T.J. McDonald) and Rodney Macro de (Rodney McLeod) ram group served as the starting defensive safetys speaking, this is another very active for their interest in signing. Rapoport reportedly gave up quarterback Keith RAM (Case Keenum) - nan to make room for barone. Run in transmission and anti Barone prevention are not particularly good, but Barron will be in a coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) in charge of the new defense system has a new beginning, this is his third team for so many years to stay. pirates also completed a deal to send Jonathan - Casillas (Jonathan Casillas) to the new England patriots. Finally, the pirates left behind the closing date of the transaction, which came out of the Doug Martin and Doug Vincent (Vincent Jackson).The official website of NFL | center lions don't care what | football Bailey chick concluded with Sunday's game, Dominic seems to Ruiaola (Dominic Raiola) does not need to calm. the center of Detroit lions went off the field with a few rude actions to make the new England patriot defender Zach Moore (Zach). Although Moore was not injured after the game. patriots coach Bebber - Bailey (Bill Belichick) in chick after expressing his thoughts: this seems to have 14 years of occupation career old player never beat the patriots. on Tuesday Ruiaola answered Bailey Zeke's words: not many people defeated them, so I don't care what he said, I didn't get it when the same thing, I just go to the end of the game. After a few days, was fined 10000 dollars Ruiaola alliance, he said: I don't know what is it, I never regret living together. Of course I didn't try to hurt anyone.

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