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Cancel the NFL official website | Su ban: changed to a $70 thousand fine | football this weekend, the Detroit lions in the wild card game will challenge the Dallas cowboys. On Tuesday local time, the lion got a good news: Ndamukong Suh, a defender who had been punished by a ban, appealed on Tuesday. The union canceled the penalty for his ban and changed it to a fine of $70 thousand. NFL official website reporter revealed that according to the latest regulations of the League released in the first half of the season, the stampede of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is the first time that Sue has been suspected of violence. The alliance in its appeal to the judge suspended punishment, thus commuted to a fine. Before , Rodgers had said he was convinced that Sue had deliberately tread on himself, not the accident he said. Rodgers said: if you step on to the other players, your cheap nfl jerseys free shipping first reaction should be up, back, apologize. But he didn't do that. As Rodgers said, when Sue was trampling Rodgers, he lifted the other foot and pressed his body weight on Rodgers's leg. In the 2011 season, suzeng was punished for the 2 - match suspension of the arm of the Green Bay Packer to attack the striker's arm. A year later, he was kicking Houston when he Dezhou quarterback Matt Shaw (Matt Schaub) cloth groin was fined $30 thousand. Since 2010, Su has been fined 8 times.The official website of NFL | New York giants re signing Lewis Nicks | football us time on Wednesday, the New York giants announced the resigning of defensive intercepts Lewis Nicks (Louis Nix). just a day ago, the giant just chose to give up the player. It was reported that the reason he gave up at that time was because he failed in the physical test, but after he chose to give up the contract voluntarily, he signed the new contract. Nicks, 24, has entered the second year of his 4 year new rookie contract, after which he had a $2852252 contract in Dezhou, but he didn't have any chance to play in Dezhou last season. in addition to Nicks, the giant also re signed cornerback ASA Jackson (Asa Jackson).Bennet defensive end Michael - Seattle Seahawks (Michael Bennett) because of a hamstring injury and missed the past 5 games. the 5 games he missed the game opponents averaging 20.6 points, 6 games against he played the average 2 touchdowns, apparently the Seahawks needed Bennet return. team coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) in an interview said: "I think he will play on Sunday, to get the message from the doctor is that he has to go, the trainer also said Bennet can play, so we have to plan his play, I am a very active player, he is looking forward to their return." Bennet's first 6 games completed 3 escapement, once the first data leading League. the next game the Seahawks will face the Carolina Panthers, the 10 game of the season over 24 killed captured data, if Bennet can return, he can make no small pressure to the Panthers offensive line. ? The official website of NFL | lion injury report: defensive tackle difficult comeback, right guard absent | football The distance and the Dallas Cowboys wild card game is getting closer, the Detroit lions team but there are still many problems. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley concern (Nick Fairley) for two consecutive days to participate in the training, but the situation is still not optimistic. The team said after training on Friday local time that the chance of playing is only 25%. coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said: "we all see his progress, and he's getting better every day." But it's not easy to meet the demands of the game. Now I can't give the final conclusion, but if I want Nick to play, we need a miracle. The insider said, if this week lion can beat the cowboys, where will be played in the next game. at the same time, the team's right - cut forward, Larry - Larry Warford, has determined that it will be lost this week. He was absent from all training this week because of a right knee injury. The team also confirmed the news later. New rookie Travis - Swanson (Travis Swanson) will replace Walford in the first place. He had 3 first - time experiences earlier in the season. defensive end Ziggy Ansar (Ziggy Ansah) - local time Friday was exposed to toe injury, but the team said it would not affect his appearance in this week's game. Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) was still injured in his ankle, but he could also be on the field as planned.

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