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The official website of NFL, second tier defense emergency pony signed veteran cornerback grams of Rome Rugby nest, pedicle Indianapolis pony's defense team has been in a desperate situation. has been worried about the impact of the seven fronts on the passing ability of the front-line players. It has been covered by a series of injuries encountered by the second line defence, which led the pony to sign a veteran veteran player who was not interested in the other 31 teams. on Monday attended the trial, cornerback Antonio grams of Rome (Antonio Cromartie) added pony pedicle. The contract lasted for one year. According to , Cromartie has been suffering from a hip injury, according to a report last month. Monday's trial he was laid off for the first time since the New York jet machine was reported in the February trial. although in the 2014 season when the Arizona Cardinals made Cromartie get a rebound to 4 year $32 million contract in the jet, but last season he return to the back of the jet b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping adly. Once the excellent athletic ability last season he obviously slow a lot, to pass his opponent defense score can reach 112. How did the pony make them desperate in the defensive position? No. 1 Vontae Davis is expected to be absent for 2 to 3 weeks due to a moderate ankle sprain. As the only professional bowl level player in the pony defense team, his absence was a big blow. Another starting corner guard Patrick - Robinson (Patrick Robinson) was injured in a groin in the first season of the first season. if this were not bad enough, played in the anti Chuan in the formation of the angle of health Daliusi - Butler (Darius Butler) a hamstring injury. Last year's third round Jon D'Joun Smith's serious knee injury was in the rookie season. He was injured repeatedly during the recovery process, and he could only return to training slowly. When was asked about the location of the corner, the manager, Chuck Pagano, did not hide it. Some of the scary, Pagano admits. The situation is not very good now.The official website of NFL | dolphin announced the renewal of the backup quarterback Moore | Rugby the Miami dolphins to find a suitable backup quarterback in the local time on Friday, the team announced and Matt Moore (Matt Moore) contract, he will continue to serve as Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney bench. , the 30 year old veteran who joined the team in 2011, has finished only 29 passes in the past 3 years. Although there are few opportunities, Moore is still regarded as one of the best substitute quarterback in the league. The quarterback in the free market this year is very poor, and there are many teams that need to be strengthened in this position. Previous experts have predicted that the success of the career pass rate close to 6 percent of the total Four Point Methodist should attract more attention. The reality is, Moore is still no one after being a free player, and at last it can only return to the old host. Moore's career has been 11 to 12, but he has never been able to get a corresponding trust and a few opportunities to show his strength. In any case, it is a win-win decision for both parties to be able to sign a contract with the dolphins. Dolphins and Moore decided to renew, also means that another four vezha Wallis Jackson (Tarvaris Jackson) the need to continue to look for a new job.Last summer, Adidas launched the "creator studio" digital platform, let the world fans have the opportunity through the platform to create Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan and Flamengo six club season 2017-18 new second Jersey, all entries in the "battle mode" by netizens voted before 100 the name, followed by each team in the most fashionable players to choose that they will put on a shirt.The official website of NFL | chiefs defensive end in the contract is expected to write a new record for sacks | football Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Justin Houston (Justin Houston) has been a great passing impact, but he must pick the right time to complete the occupation career best season. After 's 7 game, Houston had already made 10 escapement this season. This allowed him to win a total of 23 capture times this season, which will break the 22.5 single season's capture record of the legendary player Michael Si Cui Han (Michael Strahan). As he will be a free player after the end of the season, it is a great news for Houston and his agent. but Houston says he doesn't think about it now. I'll think about it again at the end of the season, Houston told the local media. I can't think about it at all. I don't want to let this slow down my speed or affect my performance on the spot. I just want to continue the present play and continue to finish the defense. if Houston failed to sign a long term contract with the chief by March next year, he would definitely be labeled as a privilege. This season's defensive end front's privileged expression is 13 million 100 thousand dollars a year, which means Houston could get a good return in the 2015 season. He's worth it.

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