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in the past three years, Jacksonville Jaguar has won 12 wins and 36 losses under the guidance of Gus Bradley. The team announced on Friday that they will renew this coach to 2017 season on Friday. this season the Jaguars finished 5 wins and 11 losses record is three years Gus's best season, the most important reason is because the quarterback Blake potters (Blake Bortles) and his receivers are growing. general manager in the team website commented on Gus: "for our team, we believe in every step we take. Signing Gus helps us in the 2017 season. He knows our existing players and can find the right free players for us. Gus from 2009 to 2012 has b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping een the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator.Miami will play against the Seattle Seahawks dolphins in the first week. The dolphin's professional bowl takes the place of Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry). It means that the team will not avoid passing the ball to Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman). Landry said: "there is no doubt that he is the highest level guard in the league. We respect him very much, but we will not avoid him. I think our attack team will be looking forward to the opportunity to challenge players like him. dolphin replacement coach in the offseason, Adam - Garth (Adam Gase) took office, but he is not optimistic about the history against the seahawks. In the past 3 times, Garth's team were lost to the Seahawks team averaged only 261.33 yards, including the Denver Broncos and the Seahawks super bowl. Landry confessed, "personally, I want to win. I am a competitor, no matter who the opponent is, I want to win on the court.Donald - bin (Donald Penn) was the attack of the Oakland raider, who didn't think he was the side of the team. , the 10 year old career player, completed the fourth career catchup in the closing time of the US time on Sunday. Since then, he has become the player who weighs more than 300 pounds and has the most number of players in the NFL history. The object in the game is completed on a three quarter 2 yard touchdown catch, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is 2013 cut off his team. bin has completed 2 catching touches in the 7 years of piracy, and now he has completed 2 times in the Raiders. Besides that, this game is also the 147th consecutive games he started.The official website of NFL | rams wide receiver Blaine Quirke | football season all said that the roof leaked in the night rain. That's true for the Saint Louis rams. last Sunday, the attack left Jiefeng Lang Jack (Jake Long) for the season, but the voice did not fall, this year the best players on the team wide receiver Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick) has also been announced for the season due to injury. ESPN reporter Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) reported that Quirke because of a dislocated shoulder with shoulder joint ligament tear and season. , this is a bolt from the blue for the ram team. Quirke is now leading the whole team with 375 yards of catches, and is playing the best deep threat this year in attack. in Sunday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the rams record of 2 wins and 5 losses, but the next opponent is the underdog: away against San Francisco 49, away against the Arizona Cardinals, home court against the Denver broncos, San Diego team away against lightning.

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