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The official website of NFL and John - Harbert Stephen - Smith hope to continue playing football next season, wo Baltimore crow wide receiver Stephen Smith (Steve Smith) may be a few only second in the NBA after 36 years suffered a torn ACL years can also appear good players. has missed 2 games this season. Smith has taken 44 shots to advance 516 yards and 3 touchdown. The data is done in 8 games, that is to say, if there is no injury, he will probably reach 1000 yards at the end of the season. the United States Monday crow coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said: if he wants to come, we will be very welcome, you certainly want to be able to have every one of the best players, but I don't want to speak to Steve about it, he has the incomparable career, we are proud of his success this year, there are a lot of things. cruciate ligament tear is obviously the most difficult injury for athletes to recover. So is Smith. Many players return just for a check, but Smith is obviously not. said that although Smith did not plan the end of the season and recently retired, is a former NFL player next season to continue in the war of words, he is also possible. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which cheap nfl jerseys free shipping does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Titan starting right tackle was put in the injured reserve list | football offseason signed free agent offensive tackle Michael orr (Michael Oher) in the season did not let the Tennessee Titans see the effect. The team announced on Saturday that the right - cut forward was placed in the injury reserve list, and his toe injury ended his season. In addition, the team promoted the defense guard Khaled - Khalid Wooten from the training team to the list. Orr in the offseason this year in line with the Titans trying to rally the team signed a 4 year contract for $20 million, including $9 million 500 thousand in guaranteed income. The poor right - cut front started 11 games and was absent from injury in the first 2 games. Orr wasn't particularly good when he was healthy this season. He ranked seventy-fourth on 78 offensive fronts in the professional rugby Focus Net Score, which verifies the statement. the former first round pick in May for the Titans season after the next offseason is cut off, the Titan CEO Tommy Smith (Tommy Smith) earlier this month said next year's lineup will look different.Beijing September 22, 2014, Monday at 8:30 in the morning, Carolina Panthers home court against Pittsburgh steelers. The first three games of the two teams were all in the pre - season. Steelers record 1-1, Panther record 2-0. : too many mistakes, the Steelers in second weeks lost to crow in the game, three turnovers appeared on offense, two times out of the ball, a interceptions, finally put an end to the game. In the run, Baer (Le'Veon Bell) before the two's impressive performance, in the face of the Panther, Baer is still the Steelers the main attack weapons, the former two are both run passer of the ball 20 yards long distance performance. Pass on, Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) of the state is very important, the first two games are steals, and only one touchdown and a lost ball, have to say is not unrelated to the front attack weak, two tackles, Jiefeng left the third grade before the seven round will show chamu (Kelvin Beachum) before two years have been asked to score all position of the offensive line, last sixth weeks before locking Jiefeng left, right tackle Gal Porter (Marcus Gilbert), 2011 of the two round of the show is not reassuring. There is a wide receiver depth, although the number one external Antonio - Brown (Atonio Brown) both code number of array number of manufacturing capacity missed tackle convincing, but the Steelers in the offseason lost two veteran receiver Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and Techali (Jerricho Cotchery), the group of two people in sixteen games for the great contribution of 28 touchdowns. Replace them with the second grade third show Marcus Heaton (Markus Wheaton), he and Brown can have a better performance is needed to verify the game. Panther: the first runner DAngelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) still has no news to go on. In the last game, Calvin - Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) has a good catch with one hand, but at the same time, three times the ball out in the offseason, lost more than reliable receivers, rookie Benjamin has become the main point of the ball, although in the first game played well but as a rookie used to sell the problem it is unavoidable, Newton's most trusted or Greg Olson (Greg Olsen), in the first two is also very stable. In the second recovery of the comeback of Newton in the loss of Williams situation, the performance is still possible, the combination of punching, leading the team to win the lion. game to watch: in Sunday's game, the Panthers favored home court battle. The Steelers should pay attention to error control, and second tier defensive foul problems, facing the Panthers defensive front Greg - Hardy (Greg Hardy), Charles Johnson (〉Even even football equipment network warrior sports and England Storck City Club to join the team's 2014-15 season home court and released the away kit. The city of Storck is the Premier League team of second warriors. In the design of the New Jersey, the inspiration for the warrior sports was inspired by the long history of the Storck city team and the "Ready to Fire (ready to fire)". In the design of the shirt, the embedded technology of warrior sports is used to build a built-in temperature control function. The built-in Jersey in moisture will keep drying the clothes and sweat shirt outside. The small hole design at the lower side of the shoulder will ensure the comfort of the player's movement and increase the air flow that is vital to temperature control. sign of home court Jersey is the design of thermal transfer technology, under the direction of the four arm part of mesh free expansion provides extra permeability. in colour collocation, Jersey bright and modern, color and edge blocks of shadow combination, make the whole shirt with visual impact.

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