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Japan's New Jersey with "green" home court in harmony "(harmony blue)" as the theme, the main body of the blue shirt than any of the Japanese national team jersey in the history of blue to deep level, positive direction of 11 different levels of blue stripes represent the football field 11 players, each of the whole players with different personalities to form a strong and united. The red line in the middle represents all the supporters of the Japanese team and the twelfth players on the football field.The official website of NFL | pirate attack had misunderstood Winston's new | football Coordinator The Tampa Bay Buccaneers new attack coordinator Todd (Todd Monken) - momken recently admitted that he had four points for the second grade team - Wei Jie, mace Winston (Jameis Winston) misunderstanding. he told r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eporters: I think this thing is probably a misnomer, I began to know him from the news of the outside world, but my message is obviously wrong, he wants to win, he is very competitive, he is very clever and talented, can be with the team who won the game. finished more than 4000 yards of pass as a rookie Winston, as well as 22 touchdown and 15 times to get the professional bowl. Todd told reporters: "my misunderstanding like this is very natural under the influence of social media nowadays, but with months of cooperation, I gradually understood him. Pirates of the 2015 season won 6 games, the team dropped the coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) former offensive coordinator Dick kettell (Dirk Koetter) took over the position of head coach, Todd was invited to the pirates as offensive coordinator position.Arizona Cardinals fantastic season will be in the next will lose one of their most dazzling star. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) announced on Monday that the defender Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) - tylan will be due to his ACL absence of rain season game. It's a devastating news for one of the most comprehensive and most valuable defenders in the league. Ma Xiugang has just finished a truly breakthrough season, showing his incredible ability to defend and defend. talking about losing Arians as one of the defensive group leader Matthew is obviously very sad. Matthew was selected in the third round of the 2013 draft, and then he grew up as one of the most symbolic characters of the team. this is the second consecutive year, a player of his ACL change Cardinals playoff opportunity. Last year, they lost quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer), then in the wild card playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers week. The Cardinals had secured the NL West champion and is expected in the first week of the playoffs in the bye, but they lack the backbone of the case for the defense qualification bye. Matthew tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in December 2013, when he was a strong competitor to the best defensive rookie of the year. He is one of the top defensive players in the league this season, because he does a bit of every defensive task. He is the ultimate defense of the season second tier defensive weapons, have the ability to swim as the groove angle of Wei, Wei, and Wei Qiang Wei line. His instincts and his ability to catch his opponent near the ball line were unthinkable. Professional rugby focused tennis as the corner guard and listed him as the best player in the position. Matthew and Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) the Cardinals defensive group particularly. The Cardinals have more defenders than any other team in the league, because players like Matthew can provide anti run support at any time or blitz quarterback. He let the Cardinals coaches can be creative, Matthew is likely to lose the coaching staff choose safer protection tactics. still has a gift for making them into the super bowl, but lost in Matthew's case it will become more difficult.It was hard to use a shirt to carry such a brilliant moment, but UMBRO did it. The symmetrical design of stripes and badges makes the Jersey shining. The UMBRO logo on the lower end of the collar has a typical 90s style, highlighting the pride of the jerseys sponsor.

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