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NFL????|??????????a???????????????|????? played only a game in the 2014 season after season, tight end Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) showed a rebound in the last season, the first selected occupation bowl. recognized as one of the Cincinnati tigers efot red weapons alliance the most effective growing value, choose to perform his rookie contract fifth year option. Efot now will play the 2017 season the tigers. when we picked him for efot we have high expectations, but he achieved all expectations, coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) said. He is a very important part of our team in the future. last summer training camp would be difficult to be defended in season efot growth in the number one foreign powerful tiger beyond all expectations passing attack in A.J. (A.J. Green) took over Green's good partner. efot that is smaller than him safetys have a headache, he relies on his body, the ball range and ability to jump jump height received both sides are likely to grab the ball. Half of the season he had to break the 46 year old tigers catching touchdown record h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping istory of proximal front. in the wide receiver Malvin (Marvin Jones) Jones joined the Detroit lions and Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) Thanou joined the Atlanta falcons under the condition of efot should play a more important role in the next season.The official website of NFL | receiver Smith hope Capet Nick do to give him a long ball football | The training camp and the pre - season match are the time for new faces in the team to try to establish a tacit agreement before the game starts to become important. The tacit understanding and relationship between the quarterback and the outer hand is an important part of the offensive team's training in August. 49 people in San Francisco the first day of training camp, quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) and speed a new team wide receiver Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) completed a long pass with. After that, according to reports it is difficult for them to do a lot of this makes Smith with a long pass, more opportunity to catch. I feel like is not the speed or spree is the world's fastest man or what, Smith told local media that. But sometimes I feel, 'Hey, I can run, brother. You can pass it there and I'll run to the seat for you. ' Smith in the past four seasons during the period of average per catch Baltimore crow 16.9 yards, and four crow Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) are not afraid to pass long pass. this to Capet Nick really need to adjust the receiver amkhan - (Anquan Boldin) said bolding. A player with that speed, you have to learn how to pass the ball to him, they are still in the learning stage. One of the things that should pay attention to when it comes to the pre season is how to cultivate a tacit understanding of the combination. He has shown that he can finish the attack in important circumstances, Capet Nick said. This is a point we want to use. in recent years, 49 people's passing attacks have been retreating. The new coaching team hopes that Smith's ability to pass the long pass can open the gap in the opponent's defense team and make Capet Nick better. In the two full season of the first quarterback, Capet Nick occasionally failed to develop a tacit agreement with the other than Boulding. He needs to make progress to help the 49 attack team have a chance of success this season.automatic playback switch automatically play [] star Durant highlights three Tomahawk glide Split Button scored 34+11 loading ... Tencent sports December 20th news December 20th NFL (American rugby league) ushered in a focus, North Carolina black leopard team with the Washington red team. Because of this game, the warriors two big stars Stephen - kcuri and Kevin - Durant became "the opposite". Durant and Currie NFL become the opposite today, Durant is wearing the Red Man 11 robe for the training hall. Currie is wearing the Black Panther 30 robe. Two people support their home team in this way. It's not a secret to support the Panther team in Currie, and the red man is Durant's home team. cook uploaded a two - person photo on social media, and Currie provoked Durant, "Durant doesn't laugh after the game tonight! # pounding". this season, the Panthers poor record, winning as the reds. But it did not affect the confidence of the Black Panther team. The Panther didn't lose his face. The Panther team played the best in the game. (from one dozen to five) copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.the retro design collar, long neck, and the back of the fringe. The golden city badge, Nike Swoosh and sponsor logo without telling us a great success in recent years the team. first, is the first plastic bottle melts, formed into recycled polyester fiber, textile, compared with traditional methods, saving 30% of the energy. the fiber using Nike Dri-FIT technology, perspiration is better, make the player more cool and dry. The improved sweat channel has many small holes, which consist of both sides of the Jersey, as well as the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, the design of the shorts belt enables the air flow of the shirt smoothly, making the players more comfortable and cool. Nike uses innovative technology to tailor the 3D channel shirt for countless top stars.

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