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Green Bay Packers are troubled by the injury and the poor performance of the second line defense will not return to one of the old ones. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported Tuesday cornerback Sam Sears (Sam Shields) due to concussion is placed in the injured reserve list. The team subsequently confirmed the news. hills because of concussion symptoms occur and missed the last four games. With Lafoluo reported no symptoms of hills such as the team expected to disappear. The hills I Instagram expressed the hope that he can return this season. packers can activate sills in eight weeks after leaving the injured reserve list. The earliest date he could return was the match against the Chicago bear in December 15th. a total of five career hills how suffered a concussion, the doctor wants to keep him in return from a recent concussion fully recovered.NFL official website | Coughlin four files no problem | to storm Rugby in this week's game, New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) a tactical choice has been questioned. The giant took a 20-10 lead in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter race against the New York jet. The team at a distance of 4 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping yards from the end zone, the first line of 2 yards to 4 stalls, eventually Eli Manning (Eli Manning) the pass was steals, the team missed the opportunity to continue to expand the lead. in the following time, the jet has 13 points, and eventually reverses the giant with 23-20. This decision is also in the game by Coughlin magnify. Coughlin said: 4 2 yards, according to our state during the attack, the time of the game, the score, I think it is the best choice. If I come back, I will make the same decision. What is more important is not the attack, but the performance of the team. Coughlin repeatedly stressed this choice is no problem, is the most suitable at that stage of the attacking options. After losing the game, the giant may lose its advantage in the race for the nation's eastern champions. 3 - 8 - negative Dallas cowboys and 5 wins Washington Red will hand in in the week and one night, while the Philadelphia hawk's record has been the same as the giant. Competition in the region will continue.The official website of NFL | rams quarterback Fowles signed with the intention of ca. | Rugby quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) has not played for the Saint Louis rams, but the team is ready to give their new quarterback a new contract. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday reported that the ram has decided to use about Fowles lock is a top priority in the offseason before the start of the new season. The team has contacted Fowles and the two sides have already had a preliminary discussion. in this offseason with the Philadelphia hawks of Bradford - Sam (Sam Bradford) transactions last year to ram Fowles is about to enter his rookie contract. He will make $1 million 500 thousand this season. According to reports at , RAM to avoid Fowles to fulfill the contract year, they believe that if Fowles's performance improves his market value, which will bring financial problems on them. The goats also want to avoid the use of privileged labels. for a team in Bradford for two consecutive years in the season due to a knee injury after apparently looking for quarterback stable team that can be regarded as their wishful thinking. In the 2013 season Fowles hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) under the command of a breakthrough, but his 2014 season suffered a season ending injury in clavicle is best can only say ". for us, Fowles is the most important of all the first quarterback in the League to prove himself this season. It was surprising that the ram seemed willing to believe him.Water polo | Asian Games men's 50 meters butterfly Shi Yang won the Asian Games record breaking | Beijing time on September 25th, the 2014 Inchon Asian Games swimming competition to compete, in the men's 50 meter butterfly final, China Shi Yang players with 23 seconds 46 won the gold medal, and broke the Asian Games record, Singapore and South Korea's won two or three. Singapore schooling in 23 seconds 70 won the silver medal, South Korea's beam jundao in 23 seconds 79 won the bronze medal. men's 50 butterfly is a short distance from the project, greater chance, a total of 5 people swim in 24 seconds, they all have the opportunity to fight cards even rushed gold, of which 24 in the 100 butterfly for team Singapore won the first gold of the Scullin strongest, he 23 seconds 43 results this year ranked first in Asia, chase Ping Chinese's Zhou Jiawei maintained the Asian record, the world ranked fifteenth; two players China Shi Yang and Zhang Qi Bin scores were 23 94 seconds and 23 seconds 95, Japan's Ikehata Hiromitsu and South Korean contestant Liang Jundao were 23 seconds and 23 seconds 84 67. in the morning preliminaries, the young and the team won the first gold for Singapore in the 100 butterfly on schooling in fourth groups, he swam 23 seconds 80 beat rivals in the 24 seconds 10 won the top the group, two people also qualify for the total ranked first and third; prior to the third group of Qi Bin in 24 12 seconds ahead of two Japanese players won the first, ranking fourth overall; the second group winners were South Korea's Liang Jun is obtained, 23 seconds 91 results ranked second overall, he and Shi Yang is only two swim in 24 seconds mark player. In the finals, Shi Yang took the lead in the fourth way, and he was very fast. He had already been ahead of the other players. Zhang Qibin didn't respond quickly enough and was left behind. After 10 meters, Shi Yang to accelerate, his condition is very good, posture is in place, the final stage, the Yangyue swim faster, is expected to break the record, the final Shi Yang first past the end point, 23 seconds to 46 won the gold medal, but also created a new games record. Schooling in 23 seconds 70 won the silver medal, Liang Jun road with 23 seconds 79 won the bronze medal. (China - Tencent)

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