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the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) last week suffered a serious accident caused a back injury and missed the last week. But Newton has an amazing physical fitness, and the speed of recovery is also very rapid, and this Wednesday he has begun to pass the ball training. at present, the panther was ranked second in the South District of the National League with 5 - 8, 1 - draw, and the competition division champion was expected to qualify for the playoffs. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????쨢????????????????????????????????-???????Ron Rivera??????????? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Today we are just careful to let him take a little bit of adaptive training to see how his body reacts. " two quarterback Derek Anderson (Derek Anderson) revealed that he and Newton had led the first lineup training respectively, whether the initiation is still unknown.the quarterback of the Denver Mustang's quarterback is not solved, but there are no problems with their external contacts. us time on Wednesday, wild horses and their best off hand, Emmanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), completed a $33 million 3 - year contract. the past 2 seasons and Saunders Demaliusi - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) has completed more than 1000 yards of the ball, is also a member of the league's top receivers. In the case of the team's quarterback replacement last season, finished Saunders's 76 catch and 1135 yards to help the Mustang win the super bowl.Pittsburgh Steelers president art Rooney II (Art Rooney II) did not choose to extend the quarterback Ben Rothlisberger last July (Ben Roethlisberger) of the contract, but the choice of locking like center Maerjisi pouncey (Maurkice Pouncey) - Marcus Gilbert, offensive players (Marcus Gilbert) and Alan (cornerback Cortez Allen, theze these young core players). now that Rothlisberger is about to enter the last season of the $102 million 8 - year contract to be signed in 2008, the team is urgently required to give him a new contract. "The sooner the better it is, the better it is," Rooney told the local media on Wednesday. "But I'm not going to make a concrete timetable for these things. It's hard to predict how long it will take to do such a thing. But of course we want in this offseason fix this thing. This is of course. " was once in the Steelers coached Bruce (Bruce Arians) - Arians called one of the 6 best league quarterback Rothlisberger has just completed the occupation career best season data. His new contract is expected to include more than $50 million in guaranteed income and an average of at least $20 million a year. Rooney also said he "is not expected to have a problem" in terms of reaching a consensus with Rothlisberger's team.even-even soccer equipment network despite the absence of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but the American version of the 2018 World Cup ball has been quietly listed in the United states. also need to pay attention to is, Adidas Telstar 18 American edition with the ball will not appear on Adidas's website. Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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