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Water polo | Chinese diving star series of WuHan Railway Station | Wu Minxia / Hezi won the double 3 meters board ??????????????10??1??? 3612011-2012???????????????(???)?????????????????????? In the first women's double 3 meter final, the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai and the cross provincial combination Wu Minxia / he took the gold medal with a total of 344.70 points. The Hebei team's Zhang Jun / Jia Dongjin, Wang Han / Chen Yaqi divide the silver medal and the bronze medal. WuHan Railway Station is also one of the competition points in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The men's and women's double men's 3 meter, men's and women's 10 meter diving platforms compete for 4 double events respectively. They won the 2011 National Diving Championships and the top 8 of the Olympic double event. The athletes will be eligible to compete for the championship. took the lead in the women's synchronized 3 meter final, has just won the July Shanghai World Tour gold star Wu Minxia Shanghai team from Guangdong Hezi together again, two people from the first round of a leading position, five round action to get all the most high score, the final total score of 344.70 points, no doubt won the gold medal. The Hebei team took the runner up and the season. Zhang Jun / Jia Dongjin won the runner up with a total score of 309.30 points. Wang Han / Chen Yaqi, who was second in the first two rounds, made a major mistake due to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping third jump 405B, and got a bronze medal at 302.10 points. The Jiangsu team's CHEN Ye / Qu Lin, the Navy team's LAN Yi / Liu Jiao and other players ranked 4-8. the men's double 3 meter finals will be held this afternoon. (Kang Shaohan)The official website of NFL | defense group into the American League final accomplishment, pony | football was also the first time that the horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) first played against his old teammates in the playoffs. Manning this season more than 4700 yards (fourth in the League) and 39 touchdowns will undoubtedly prove baodaoweilao. In the receiver position, de Mathis - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) this season more than 1600 yards receiving yards in the League second, the second took over Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) also has more than 1400 yards receiving, fifth in the league. C.J. - Anderson (C.J. Anderson) also had a great progress at the end of the season. and Manning on the pony's successor, quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck) broke the Manning period in the pony pass record 4761 yard ball League third, 40 touchdowns in the League first. Two pieces of data are slightly more than Manning. His favorite pass is the T.J.- Hilton (T.J. Hilton). The game is also called the Manning vs. the first section of the game from the pony began to attack, but struck out. The Mustang's next attack and touchdowns, Manning a 32 yard pass to tight end Jules - Thomas (Julius Thomas), Manning at the 2 yard line to pass the ball to receiver Thomas completed a touchdown. The first quarter pony's attack failed to complete the score, and the wild horse 7:0 took the lead temporarily. second section of a single horse of a horse completes a small climax of the 14:3. The last attack of the first quarter is continued. From the beginning of the second quarter, the pony has completed the touchdown. Hilton is the hero of scoring, catching the ball for two times, advancing nearly 50 yards, and finally running the ball to reach the goal. The Mustang's next attack, kill Manning captured the ball, the ball and pony to complete the conversion, the offensive team to seize the opportunity to complete the touchdown, the ball throw the ball again, Hilton, the Broncos defensive pass interference foul ball at the Colts 3 yard line, he finally threw the ball to Dwayne - Allen (Dwayne Allen) completed a touchdown. The Mustang's next attack or three strikes, the offensive team can't seem to find the state, but the pony also missed a 43 yard shot. At the end of the half, the Mustang shot the score at 10:14 in a 45 - yard shot. third, the wild horse starts to attack first.|2014 national handball Handball Championship win in Sichuan won the ninth Shandong hand Co 2014 National Men's Handball Championship ended a sixth match day competition, today was ninth, tenth and 1/4 ranking tournament finals a total of five games, Sichuan beat Shandong two team won the championship in ninth, 1/4 in the final of the Jiangsu team, Beijing team, Shandong team, liberation army defeated opponent jishensijiang. will continue to compete for semi-finals and 5-8 ranking matches in November 10th. The semi-finals of Jiangsu's VS Liberation Army and Beijing VS Shandong will win the finals. The 5-8 ranking will be from Tianjin VS Guangdong and Shanghai VS Anhui. The winning team will enter the 5-6 rankings and also qualify for the men's Super Cup.The official website of NFL | Megatron resurfaces, the lion won last time | dolphins Rugby The focus of this game are in Megatron's body, which is since October 5th against Bill, he first appeared in the first episode, while running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) is the injury. The first section of the game, the first began to attack when pushed the lions 45 yards, did not get a lion attack, but the team punter Sam - Martin (Sam Martin) fake punt, got the first attack, a lion in this round of attack, scored 3 points. The lions in the second round of attack in Miami, 49 yards, lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) a long pass, directly find Megatron region, Megatron in dolphins all star cornerback Brent Grimes (Brent Grimes) of the tight defense, still catch the ball to complete a touchdown. The male lion took the lead in the second quarter 10:0. the second quarter, the lions attack, Martin again fake punt, but unfortunately finished only 3 yards, not enough to take the first attack. Dolphins attack promote the lion's red zone, dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) was passing by when the lion lion steals, back attack, Hill was desperately pursued, prevented a successful interception return touchdown, and Hill was the grapple is significant. Staffordshire in the attack, the ball again tried to pass to Megatron, but Graeme proved why he is an all star in the sky, stretching and single hand steals. The commentator commented that the transcribing could be the most beautiful copy of the season, so Toni Hill did not give up the spirit of 7 points for the dolphins. In the last attack in the second quarter, the dolphin kicker took 3 points, and at 3:10 it was temporarily behind. in the second half, the unit ball lion once again, Matt - Platt (Matt Prater) shot was blocked, and the dolphins completed 58 yard return. Hill, he also passes for 3 yards and found wide receiver Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) completed 13-10 touchdown lead. In the fourth section, the lion was first to score a score of 50 yards. The dolphins offensive began to get angry, 28 yards from the dolphin has been pushed into the lion's 2 yard line. But the lion defended his final success in the protection zone, did not let the dolphins finished touchdowns, but this time.

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