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running back Matt Ford (Matt Forte) is one of the jets this offseason good players, but this does not prevent the team and his heart to part company each going his own way. according to the NFL Media reporter, the jet is estimating the value of the Matt Ford trading, Ford finished the pre - season first show last Saturday and scored 43 yards 10 times. Ford has been suffering from a tendon injury this summer, but he has proved that he has recovered well. Ford hit the ball 218 times in the jet last season, got 813 yards and 7 dads, and completed the 30 catch. Although the output is quite attractive, the $4 million guarantee gives the team more attention. If Ford leave, Bilal - Powell (Bilal Powell) and Yilaijia - Mike Gul (McGuire) will be the alternative.Seattle Seahawks defensive in the super bowl is not so strong as before, in addition to the new England patriots offensive superior strength, the second injury situation is perhaps one of the reasons. Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) announced or will undergo surgery after the game. Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) was also exposed to whether he was going to operate on the injured shoulder. But the most serious problem, but in the two days before the game injured Kim - Qiang Wei money Eisner (K cheap nfl jerseys free shipping am Chancellor). According to the , chylor's injuries are much more serious than they claim to be. He sprained his knee during training and had actually caused a tear in the medial collateral ligament of the knee, accompanied by a bone contusion. In the interview, he acknowledged this: "some people can't participate in the competition after this injury, so you can understand my feelings on the court. I was hurt on Friday training and I felt very hit. They told me that I had problems with my ligaments and bones, and I might not be able to compete. I was angry at that time, and it was good that I ended up in the end. " coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) will be three loves playing hurt behavior called "heroic". Although the 3 people were more or less affected by injuries, they still showed the highest level of second line defense in the league. This is the Seahawks, a tough team. They won't give up, and they won't shrink. Even if they failed this season, we still believe that the spirit will not change, and they have the ability to come back.NetEase sports December 20th report: NFL's Carolina Panther has met with the Washington red team. And the match made the two big stars of the Jinzhou warriors Stephen - kcuri and Kevin - Durant on the opposite side. It is well known that curi is a faithful fan of the Panther team. And Durant grew up watching the red skin team from a young age. The official account of the warriors was also "watching a lot of trouble", saying that kcuri and Durant were followed by an interview and recording video to support their own home teams. ??????????????????????????????30?????????????????????????????????????????11????????? , and when the game is in progress, the Black Panthers supported by the curry team get 13-9 of the time. Durant immediately updates his Twitter: after the game, you can't laugh and @ @ @ @. It's clear that Curie is very confident about his home team. spent most of his childhood in Carolina. As a result, he was naturally a loyal fan of the NFL Carolina Panther team. Kumi has repeatedly been invited to serve as a kick-off drummer for the Panther team. has repeatedly expressed support for the Panther team in public, and his net red daughter, little Riley, often appears in various occasions in the black leopard team. On his 27 - year - old birthday, the Panther manager came to the dressing room of the warriors and sent a No. 30 Panther's honor shirt for Kary. Durant and the red leather team are also very deep in love. He once said in an interview that he grew up in the distance from the home court of the red leather team, and loved this team very much. Durant even expressed the idea of becoming a red leather boss. "I really hope to have a red leather stake at the end of my career, even if it's a small proportion." NBA players have much to bet on their own home teams. Then the Cleveland Indians fought for the professional baseball champion with the Chicago bear. Lebron - James and Wade are betting for good friends. And Lebron, who eventually lost the game, also fulfilled his promise to wear a little bear's shirt when he played in Chicago. I wonder if there will be a similar game between kcuri and Durant?Dalian | shuttlecock shuttlecock enthusiasts | riding a bicycle to Zibo | in Shuttlecock Association luzhongchenbao Zibo September 4th news (Intern Ma Zhipeng) to shuttlecock friends, riding a bicycle across the country. Yesterday, the Dalian shuttlecock enthusiast Huang Xisheng riding a bicycle came to Zibo, he said he wanted to put the shuttlecock to every corner. yesterday at 14:30 PM, arrived in Zhangdian Huang Xisheng, eager to Bauhinia Garden District, with a friend are playing up their residential square. The sun, drenched with sweat yellow jersey, but conceal his joy. Huang Xisheng is Dalian District of Ganjingzi City, Zhou Nan community, 48 year old, a shuttlecock, I had 17 years. To visit the friend, in May this year, Huang was riding a bicycle with a dozen days to reach Beijing, round to Beijing Tiananmen kicking shuttlecock dream. This time, Huang Xisheng embarks from Dalian in August 29th, first ships to Weihai, and then ride a bike through Yantai, Qixia, Laizhou, Weifang, to Zibo. Huang Xisheng said that he had to walk south to Hainan, he hope that through their own actions, let the popularity of shuttlecock. a tent, an air mattress, some homemade shuttlecock, there are 500 yuan of money, is all the equipment Huang road. ????????????3???????100??????????T???????? Huang this trip to Zibo for another purpose, is to participate in "the origin of the football World Cup 2005 National Women's Football League final daughter cheer. His daughter, the captain of the Anhui women's football team, was rented by the Zhejiang women's football and came to Zibo for the competition. "I'm riding a bike to give her a blessing. I'll give her a big surprise without telling her in advance." Huang said to wait until the end of the game the daughter in Zibo, welcome friend looking for him to learn skills.

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