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The official website of NFL, the Jaguars signed former Raiders tight end from Rivera, Waterloo Rugby Jacksonville Jaguars found tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) replacement, that is the former Oakland Raiders tight end from Rivera (Mychal Rivera). Rivera filled the position of the catcher's near end. The Marcedes Lewis's Jaguar career entered the twelfth season, and he was more of an open player for the twelfth seasons. He has never been more than 25 times a season since the 2012 season. Rivera, 26, , was selected by the Raiders in the sixth round of the 2013 draft. Although he was slightly thin as a near - end, he once showed a glittering performance. he every season in his first two seasons have received 4 touchdowns, his performance in 2014 reached its peak, in 16 games 58 times the ball 534 yards, but later in the other team to introduce the proximal front reduced his chances. But Rivera , last season was quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) in the new ball, the ball 10.7 yards every time he data is the highest career. In Houston's Dezhou playoffs, he was also the most successful passing goal of the rookie quarterback Connor Cook (Connor Cook), who completed the 4 catch and got 31 yards. last cheap nfl jerseys free shipping season he played 13 games, including 2 starts, is a career low, he made 18 receptions for 192 yards and 1 touchdowns are the lowest career. At the training camp, the Raiders had intended to deal with him. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL NFL, named Harambe to suspend the sale of custom jerseys, NFL nest once NFL custom mall can customize any name on your shirt. now if you want to buy a custom version with a Harambe name, you may have to go somewhere else to think about it. Harambe is a gorilla in Cincinnati, because a child fell into its cage and had to be shot. now NFL fan mall has suspended sales of Harambe's name. This was the case by ESPN's reporter on Wednesday in the United States, which was confirmed by the official twitter of the saints in New Orleans. fans of the NHL ice hockey alliance are also free to customize the Harambe shirt. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The last time the Carolina Panthers left the court, losing to the Denver Broncos in the fiftieth super bowl, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) low head cleaning before departure, it seems an entire season of joy. no doubt on Thursday when Panther guests challenged Denver wild horses again so they would recall the memory again. not in front of Newton into the game's Super Bowl rematch. "Many people want to put this game as a super bowl rematch. This is not a replay, "Newton said Sunday. "The wild horse is just our next opponent." theory this is a replay, sorry, Newton. The two teams did not change the boss, did not change the name, the city where the team has not changed. but you can understand what Newton means. A change in the offseason will be many, these changes can make a mediocre team to the championship. In nine months, a NFL player can fall from the peak to the bottom of the valley. In the offseason, the Panthers and the Mustang have undergone drastic changes. so no matter whether Newton wanted to take the opener called Super Bowl rematch, we can all agree on one thing: Thank God for the season is finally beginning to.The door of the NFL free market will not be officially opened until March 9th. From now until then, the team has the chance to renew their players, or to play the privilege tag on the best players in the team (the specific time is February 15th -3 1 February 15th). In the next few weeks there should be a lot of things will happen, but let us see this offseason may become a free agent before ten. 1. run Weile viand - Baer, Pittsburgh Steelers he might be the best offensive backcourt in the league, a large part of the fact that he did a lot more than a runaway. Baer's personal ability is at any time in the back of their attack speed breakthrough, find more reasonable to tear opponents defense movement, and a person can grasp the audience (can refer to him in 14 weeks when the performance) momentum, in the second half of the regular season and in the playoffs to show the most incisive. In the 2016 season, Baer became the first player to meet the number of 100 yards and 50 yards of the ball at the same time. He rushed the ball 157 yards on kickoff record was NFL the third highest in history, if he this season to play 16 regular season games, that is likely to be able to break the single season 2512 yard rushing yardage record. However, the MVP player has a fatal weakness (the league is banned for personal reasons at the start of the 2015 and 2016 seasons). 2. quarterback Kirk - koxins, Washington Red do you think 49 people including Chicago bears, Cleveland Brown, New York jets and San Francisco won't want to recruit a quarsin quarterback, so that they can solve their long team commander's problem? Of course, red skin can say "no" to all the teams that are interested in kocessie, as long as they attach the privilege label to him. Considering the rare degree of veteran veteran quarterback and the weakness of the rookie in the quarterback position, maybe marking Cousins as a privileged player is the most sensible choice. Since the start of the 2015 season cousins become hard starting quarterback, he came to a total of 9083 yards passing and 54 touchdowns (quarterback score 99.3 points of the 68.3% passing rate, ) 3. safety Eric Berri, Kansas City Chiefs he can protect the team's last line of defense, the perfect impact of the attacking players, the change on the field, the team's spiritual leader. He can do is have a team safety position to do the best. The chief's trouble now is that if Berri refuses a privilege label for second seasons in a row, the next negotiations will come to a deadlock again. 4. linebacker / defensive end Chandler Jones, Arizona Cardinals in the past four 〉

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