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, South Korea FC Seoul Club released 2018 new season team jersey home court. The New Jersey will be sponsored by the French sponsor Le Coq Sportif. 's New Jersey, designed with the idea of "THE OLD NEW THING", shows the past and present of the South Korean capital team. Seoul FC's new home court Jersey gives the Jersey a more fashionable feeling while keeping the tradition of the club, so that the supporters can wear it inside and outside the stadium. New Jersey continues the club's iconic shirt design, more slender black vertical stripes show the players in the game rhythm. 's wide lapel not only makes this shirt look more antique, but also more casual. The shirt shoulder and the golden edge, not only draw the line of the players' shoulders, but also make the red and black robe more honorable. collars and cuffs have joined the club from the black white red fine decoration, behind the collar also joined the gold club slogan "Soul of Seoul" (Seoul, soul) to remind players for the city. and the host and field jerseys at the same tim cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e also released the new season Seoul FC home goalkeeper jerseys, goalkeeper jerseys as the symbol of Seoul sky pale blue as the keynote, with the current popular blend pattern design, so that the whole Jersey is more fashionable. welcome to the WeChat public number: Seike sports CIKERSNFL official website, seventh week Thursday night race report: Hoyer back injury, the packers beat 26:10 bears rugby, wo Beijing time on Friday October 21st at 8:30 in the morning, NFL seventh weeks of the regular season game kicks off, 3 wins and 2 losses of the Green Bay Packers home court against 1 wins and 5 Chicago bears. Green Bay star quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) career 16 time against Chicago, a record of 12 - 4 negative, occupying an absolute advantage. However, last season, Green Bay had lost 13-17 home court bears, Chicago spoiler Bret faffe (Brett Favre) Jersey retirement ceremony. at present, quarterback Aaron Rodgers this season - 60.2% ball hit rate of only twenty-sixth in the league, plus the main running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) for the season, James - Starks (James Starks) from about 4 weeks, the Green Bay attack group can get rid of decline will be the game a watch. In the aspect of bears, quarterback Blaine Brian Hoyer's quarterback score has reached 100.8, and four games and half games have passed 6 to 0. However, their record is only 1 wins and 5 defeats. In order to win a victory, the performance of the defending team is very important. Green Bay first sent the defense of their own, they have succeeded in forcing the bears out of gear. Aaron Rodgers led the team into the other half, four stalls 4 yards, wide receiver Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) through the ball 9 yards. Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) in the end is not the final ball, kicker Mason Crosby (Mason Crosby) 32 yard free kick hit, the packers lead 3:0. The bears took the Joshua Bellamy (Joshua Bellamy) Blaine Blaine to pass the ball for 25 yards, but they couldn't push on and had to play in the middle court. Jordi Nielsen made the bear tour Adrian Amos (Adrian Amos) defensive Defensive Pass Interference foul, pushing 44 yards. Came to the score line, four grade 1 yards. Running back the guest over Thailand - Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery) to punch the ball without fruit, Green Bay, the ball right away. second began, Blaine - Ko al led the bear team attack team from the 1 yards of the side to the 50 yards of the midfield, and had to abandon the kick again. Heuer tried to pass off injured in third. The packers quickly abandoned the kicks. The three quarterback quarterback Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) was promoted to Heuer from the training team at the beginning of the season. Ran Wei katim - Kaili (Ka'Deem Carey) red ball forward 2〉(Tom Brady) - Tom Brady's father had joked, Brady might have been the new England patriots play to 70 years old, the patriot is not what good. Brady himself had also said that if the body allows, in the hope of the team until the age of 40. this week, patriot Connolly Dan Connolly was asked how long the quarterback could play for the team in the interview. He said: "if Tom still lives, trains and works in accordance with the existing way, I believe he can play longer for the team. Maybe, he can be 45 years old. He is very serious in his work and likes to compete. He has the ability to continue to lead the team. " Brady's father was laughing, Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) won't let that happen. Billy Cheik has always been "ruthless" in dealing with the team's lineup, and he will only leave a good enough player in the team. This is one of the reasons why patriots can remain competitive for a long time. The Brady, always want to hit the 40 year old seems to be an impossible task. But who can completely negate the possibility? Time gives the answer.The members of the axe gang have been impatient to wear a new robe for the new season. Mark · Noble said, "this shirt is great and the color is great. The shirt is as comfortable as ever, and I'm looking forward to putting on a New Jersey. The New Jersey makes me look forward to the new season. We hope that the new training suits give us some good luck in the new season and can make us better than last season.

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