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The news that Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) decided to retire was a surprise to countless people, including his teammates, Cory Fuller (Corey Fuller). Johnson left early in the season, with an official confirmation earlier in March. "Every time he mentioned it to me, I think it's a joke," Fuller said. In fact, he told me that this was his last season has been 2,3 time, do you think it is true? Maybe he'll be back after the season. Johnson is only 30 years old. Fuller has reason to believe that he will return to the court. He has 6 professional bowls and tenth seasons to finish catching more than 1000 yards. He still has many data that we are looking forward to. Fuller finally said: "I always miss him, miss him, miss him on the court."The official website of NFL | outside over the end of the season after Boulding had retired | Rugby when the other veteran receiver Steve Smith (Steve Smith) and Barkam's Freud (Malcom Floyd) has announce cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d that it will retire after the 2015 season of the intention, amkhan - Boulding (Anquan Boldin) has no plans to do so. no, no end, bouldin told reporters Thursday. Although San Francisco 49 quarterback poor performance at the end of the season will be a free agent in the bolding expressed a desire to return to the team wish. when I played the Arizona Cardinals, one year is Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown), Sean King (Sean King) and Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner), then Kurt Warner and Matt - Lennart (Matt Leinart). It's not new to me, Boulding said. It is not clear to that 49 of the rebuilt are interested in renewing the 35 year old. Now I haven't heard anything, Boulding said. I hope I can know what news. Boulding was absent due to a hamstring injury to play two games in a row before receiving yards over 100. if 49 people chose not to renew his contract, for a bolding is expected to compete for a championship team with leadership, tenacity and reliable performance.Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) dedicated a near perfect career. On Monday, he said goodbye to his career perfectly. Manning announced his retirement on Monday with a moving press conference. To participate in the conference and the Denver Broncos President Joe Ellis (Joe Ellis), general manager John elvy (John Elway) and coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) - everyone with respect to talk of Manning. when it was Manning's turn to speak, he had no reservations in his speech. It was clear that this speech was not easy for him. "18 years of career means a lot, 18 is a good figure, and I retired from professional football today." elvy praised Manning is key to the team's success in the effectiveness of Mustang 4 years. Elvy said Manning make his job easier and if there is no Manning team never won the championship. "Payton - Manning has revolutionized the game," Herve said. "We always think that the non - quotient attack is fast - paced, fast to open the ball and to let the opponent lose the rhythm. Payton has revolutionized the attack of no business. 'let's go slowly before coming to the kick-off line. I will find out what you are doing, and I will tear you up. Manning thanked his 5 coach, hundreds of teammates and Tom - Condon, a long - working agent with him, Tom Condon. "I had a good career," Manning said at the end of his speech. "I ended my Rugby career. After 18 years, it was time. God bless all of you, and God bless rugby. "The official website of NFL | Mansel tiger Woods refused to sign | football memories Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) mentioned a greedy golfer when he mentioned his favorite sportsmen in childhood. In fact, our Jonny was a fan of tiger Woods at that time. golf magazine recently Cleveland Brown rookie quarterback, which voted for golf players let him go in the latest column you want them, the choice of Manzel on the cover. Manzel said tiger Woods was a superstar for him at that time. He mentioned that he was only 10 years old when he met Woods, and asked for his signature. He said, yes, it all happened. My father plays basketball in Eyre worth every year. Then we go back to Orlando for vacation. One day we played with our little friends, because he was a friend of my family members, so I knew he was playing nearby, and I went with him to find him. That's when he is training. We are trying to attract his attention and ask for signature when we are in the eighteenth hole and 100 yards, but I remember his reply was not signed today. Manzel said he was really disappointed at that time. But now he doesn't mind, because he did it. He said: if I go to Nike now to ask Woods's signature, wouldn't it be interesting? if he did, would Woods sign him? This is a problem. Or better, Manzel's retaliatory wait for Woods to ask for his signature? This is the next thing. Let's say it later.

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