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tiger news June 11th Cadete and Wei Ran in Delaware Wallis - (Travaris Cadet) signed a one-year contract after only three months, the New Orleans saints consider trading him. according to media reports, the saints consider trading Cadete before the start of the training camp. Cadete signed a contract worth 855 thousand dollars with the saints in March, so any team willing to get a deal can afford his contract, and if there is no team intentionally, the saints will not lose much. Cadete last year, mainly as a ball type running back, he finished 40 ball 281 yards and 4 touchdowns. When they re signed him when they think he will play a similar role in the new season, but since they signed Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) and Alvin - Kamala pick in the draft (Alvin Kamara), the saints running back some crowded position. Cadete may be the superfluous man.San Diego lightnin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g in the past ten years the top defensive star has found a new owner. Baltimore crow announced Monday with veteran safety Eric wedell (Eric - Weddle) signed a 4 year contract. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contract cost 26 million dollars, including 13 million yuan to protect revenue, and Weddle will earn 9 million dollars in the first year, according to people familiar with the matter. reported that Weddle had received a bid for four teams before. In addition to crow, he also with the Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, the Dallas cowboys linked. Weddle, 31 years old, worked for lightning for 9 years. During the three seasons, he was selected for the best line-up. Besides, in the past 5 seasons, 3 seasons were selected as the best defensive player of the year. The deterioration of the relationship between the in the last offseason Weddle and lightning, when he told local media that his team for the management refused to meet him was "the lightning retired desire is very not respected". The relationship between has become increasingly tense at the end of twelve. When he was watching the dances at the time of the season's home games and watching the dances, the team fined him for "endangering the team's behavior". Weddle expressed surprise and anger. A week later, he told reporters that he might never talk to the team again. The presence of , while in the middle of the season after a groin injury has played with the injury, Weddle for the first time in three years to reach the level of occupation bowl performance. But his defense performance is still outstanding, for more than expected second line of lightning defense solid defense. is very similar to Steve Smith, the 2013 Steve Steve. The Raven stakes on a good player who struggles against the years. Although Weddle is about to enter the performance decline stage, there is no reason to believe that he will not prove yourself in the next season as the crow safetys position upgrade.From the official pictures released by the Spanish people, Super Girls's famous talent show Super Girls will become the Spanish team's breast advertising on Bernabeu stadium. This is the first time the Chinese television station has been on the chest of the five major European League teams.The official website of NFL | Raiders linebacker Roach was sacked, or choose to retire | football veteran Nick Roach (Nick Roach) is in the underestimation of his career. The Oakland Raider announced that he had retired for 8 years in the League for physical reasons. Last season, Roach chose a knee operation in October to finish the season ahead of time. was the first midline of the raider's 2013 season, and Roach had injured his knee before the start of the season. Although he made a lot of efforts to return to the game, he still had to choose surgery. Last month, relevant experts in San Francisco made comments on Roach's recovery. He thought Roach's recovery was not as good as expected, and probably still could not return in 2015. Related people said that Roach himself was very depressed about the injury, and he had suggested or would choose to retire. , the 29 year old Roach, has completed 346 escapement and made 9 balls. In the 8 season, he has played for the Chicago bear and the Raiders, 96 times. In view of Roach's physical condition, there will be no team to sign him at this stage. To return to the stadium after the injury is a big test for Roach's age and ability, and retiring is probably the best choice.

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