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this week, the Seattle Seahawks through tough defense to 19-3 victory over the Arizona cardinals. In the game, the Cardinals scored and offensive yardage record low season team. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said: "this is the season so far the most exciting thing for us, it's a great feeling." after the victory, the Seahawks will record to 7 wins and 4 losses, with only 2 wins behind 9 wins and 2 negative leader cardinals. The Seahawks have the opportunity to continue to attack the top division in December. They will meet 49 people in San Francisco on Thanksgiving this Thursday. The second teams will meet in fifteenth weeks, then the Seahawks also has against the cardinals and rams. last week, the Seahawks to win is the key to the team's defensive opponent, they forced the cardinals in the last 2 games in total only 17 points. Earlier in the season, the Seahawks defensive was in trouble, but in the week after the game the coach and the players have said they have the confidence to start again. Carol said: cheap nfl jerseys free shipping "I feel this is the first time that we are so united in the face of a match. We had a very good game before, but I think it was the best.Philadelphia - Bradford Eagles quarterback Sam (Sam Bradford) in the past two seasons experienced two successive knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, and now he is trying to recover and return to training, but his current status for all is also a mystery. But since the start of the training camp, he has been practicing with the first line-up, showing a good form of competition in the training. Bradford told local media on Thursday said: "my current situation than I had expected, I think my knee should be able to survive, but at that moment, my heart is still a little drum. I didn't participate in the training on the first day of the training camp. The goal was to prepare for training. So when I joined in the training, it proved that I had almost no longer needed restricted exercises. You know, it's very important for me to play in the field, so it's great to be able to play now. from Bradford last injury has passed nearly a year, recently about his knee injury recovery is good news, but Bradford also admitted that what injury still needs the actual test. He said, "actually, it is difficult to simulate all kinds of situations on the real court, training can simulate part of it, but coaches and teammates will not let me be hit. It's hard to simulate the situation that I want to avoid, like a passing pocket. But I've done some similar simulation training, and I think my knee reacts well. "for the Denver wild horse line guard von Miller (Von Miller), NFL's way of fame is very short. Miller, who was selected at second in the 2011 draft, was quick to play a wonderful performance and got a total of 30 escapement in the first two seasons of the wild horse. He is considered to be one of the fastest and most aggressive pass players in the league and will play the super bowl for the first time. He failed to play the Mustang's Super Bowl in the 2013 season because of injury. but in the super bowl, he will let him with a career under a cloud players face to face: This is Newton (Cam Newton) - cam. Newton is the number one pick in the 2011 draft. Although his career start is not brilliant, he will get the first league most valuable player award before Miller if everything goes according to expectation. so between the two top players in the game have a vendetta? "If I was a quarterback, I would feel that," Miller told the Denver media. "But I love cam - Newton. He is one of my favorite quarterback. Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) was obviously my favorite quarterback, but he was Newton. " "I don't think any other quarterback can play like him, especially the spirit of his presence. I like everything he does. He is an important role model. If he plays as a defensive player, he could earn $220 million because he might be able to impact the quarterback, can retreat dry safety work. I'm his fan. This is really not the media want to render it against the champion show Bangyan show." , of course, the Mustang now looks flattering, but Miller may not be afraid of the most dangerous quarterback in the League at night. Newton can now enjoy the compliment, but the wild horse will not be so friendly to him on the spot.The official website of NFL | patriots Edelman core | rugby players coming back from injury the new England patriots had planned to make all the key players in the bye time resurfaces, now it seems to have worked. such as rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski), Marcus Julian - Edelman (Julian Edelman), Dan Connelly (Dan Connolly), Brandon (Brandon Browner) are contained in the seventeenth week and the buffalo Bill team to rest, and in anticipation of all the cards in the bye week got good recovery. ESPN reported that Connelly and Edelman will attend the press conference at the same time, offensive tackle NAT - Sold (Nate Solder) and Brandon Rafael (Brandon LaFell) will debut on Saturday. besides, after several weeks of treatment, players like Chandler Jones and Chandler Jones should be able to catch up with the last part of the playoffs at the last minute.

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