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The design of the main stadium is inspired by the Losangeles landmark architecture and art decoration. The black gold match at home is the eternal color. Choose elegant white jersey collocation noble gold, Latin traditional color and dark shirt printed together. The huge YouTube TV LOGO matches the wake - up red start button, and such a sponsor fan doesn't think it's hard to remember. Logo position precisely the position of the heart, it seems that the team's loyal already chose the team and always stand together.NFL's official website announced the | saints kicker Graham 1 | Rugby New Orleans saints hope to remain stable in the position of the kicker. According to NFL official website reporter, the team has reached agreement with the 37 year old veteran player Sean Graham (Shayne Graham) on the new contract. Graham will renew cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his contract with the team for 1 years, and in the last 2014 seasons, he has shot 19 shots in 22 shots. although the New Testament was harvested, Graham was not the only choice for the saints in the kicker position. He needs and a 2013 six round rookie Dustin Hoffman Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) competition. Hopki was signed by the saints in the final stage of the season after being cut off by Buffalo Bill. currently, the alliance has been trying to adjust the shooting rules, including the width of the ball and the additional distance. In this case, some players did not fit in. It is foreseeable that the alliance will continue to try in this area, so the experienced kicker will become more important. For the saints, they clearly want to leave a veteran in battle Graham, rather than a younger rookie.The official website of NFL | will compete with Houston watts and Jones prize | Du mervil DUCAM Rugby Dixon - Jones prize (Deacon Jones Award) in recognition of the alliance captured and killed most of the players, is now 3 individual competition. Kansas chiefs of Justin Houston (Justin Houston) is currently 18 sacks and sacks to lead the league standings, Houston Dezhou team J.J. (J.J. Watt) with 17 watts, 5 followed by Baltimore's Elvis Crow - Du mervil with 17 sacks ranked third. Three of them have a chance to sprint this season's king of escapement. The 2012 season is the League Watt captured and killed the king, and Du mervil is the 2009 season of the captured and killed the king, but the Jones prize was founded to Dixon last year to commemorate the Great Hall of fame at hand. Last year's winner is Indiana Colts Robert - Mathews (Robert Mathis). Houston is the San Diego lightning quarterback Philip Rivers on Sunday (Philip Rivers), the 15 game of the season was only killed 29 times. Watt is the opposite of the Jacksonville Jaguars Blake bottos (Blake Bortles), 13 game of the season was sacked 50 times, while Du Somerville is facing Clif Browns defeated rookie Connor Shaw (Connor Shaw), this is his first time starting Sunday. So Houston is likely to be surpassed by Watt or duroville. but they are three team this season in the playoffs for the sprint, so they don't consider too much about how their data, but three of them must have a will to win the final.STATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'07-'0871813.12.1-4.5.4590.1-0.3.1900.5-0.8.6551.'08-'09775129.34.8-10.4.4660.5-1.5.3481.2-1.8.6621.'09-'10725926.44.3-9.3.4680.4-1.2.2991.0-1.5.6892.'10-'11818121.23.3-7.0.4650.1-0.5.2430.6-1.1.5341.'11-'12372924.94.2-8.6.4890.1-0.3.2501.1-1.5.7272.'12-'13824027.24.6-9.9.4640.4-1.1.3561.5-1.9.7772.'13-'14272529.85.1-11.0.4681.7-3.9.4481.5-1.9.7841.'13-'14535331.45.0-11.1.4511.5-3.8.3991.5-1.9.7821.'14-'15731517.52.2-5.7.3930.8-2.4.3130.6-0.9.6470.'15-'1657618.22.2-5.4.4050.7-1.8.3730.9-1.1.8310.'16-'171909.01.6-3.1.5080.5-1.4.3460.7-0.9.7780.'16-'1735117.93.0-6.2.4770.5-1.6.2910.9-1.0.8820. Stats ?

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