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Explain the exercises briefly, and then let them play. If everything has to be done according to the rules of the adult, their creativity will be greatly devastated. Boys should be allowed to play and train as little as possible.which NFL team has the best run - back combination? Different people have different answers. Some people will say is Pittsburgh Steelers, some say Cincinnati tigers, buffalo Bill, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas cowboys. if you ask the Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) this problem, you can not get the same answer. "I feel that he and I will probably become the best NFL running team this year," Johnson said of himself and David Johnson, who is expected to take the lead. Chris - Johnson last season at the ball number is currently running back up the cardinals, but David Johnson and another running back Andrea Ellington (Andre Ellington) more efficient. If Chris Johnson's part of the red ball is assigned to another two people, rushed the ball Cardinals offensive may better. no matter how to allocate all the Cardinals running back red ball times, it's hard to deny that there are a lot of quality players in the Cardinals running back position. That's one of the reasons that they had such an explosive atta cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ck last season. When Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) is no longer able to regain their youth, they will need more responsibility for running to keep Palmer alive and efficient throughout the 2016 before, according to the British newspaper "independent" reported that Manchester United CEO ed · Woodward said in an interview, Sanchez introduced after breaking the United January Jersey sales record, Jersey sales revenue of their January 2018, three times before the highest record. Ed · Woodward's answer is against Sanchez after joining the United meet critical response, in buying Sanchez, Manchester United he played 3 games, 2 league and 1 FA Cup, scoring 1 goals and 1 assists, the data is not bad, but after the arrival of Sanchez, United's tactics seem chaos. A lot of people think Manchester United has done a bad deal. And Woodward's response is to counter the criticism of these critics. and Woodward added that the topic of Sanchez's move to Manchester has become the number one hot topic on social media worldwide, which is 75% more than that of last summer when Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris. Woodward's words are not totally unreasonable. The arrival of Sanchez's level star really raised the attention of Manchester United and brought a lot of jerseys sales, but we should also see the problem. first, after the arrival of Sanchez did not bring Manchester United's attack -- at least for now, Sanchez is currently the 3 game appearance for Manchester United, Manchester United scored 6 goals in 2 Premier League, which was a Tottenham against zero closure, Hadesilefeierde scored two goals, another 4 goal game the fourth round of the FA Cup against Yeovil Town, Yeovil town just League (fourth division). So after Sanchez joined, the attack on Manchester United has still not been solved. second, Sanchez joined Marshall and rush, after the compression of two young players in space, two genius had kicked well rotation also after playing Sanchez full of sound and colour, but space is suppressed, which not only affects the United attacking chain, also let them hold to look forward to the United fans very unhappy. third, Sanchez worth up to 400 thousand pounds, this number is converted into the euro has slightly higher than C Ronaldo 23 million euros, than the original Premier League top pay bogeba higher than the full 110 thousand, the weekly price not only let Sanchez must meet a variety of critical requirements, but also caused dissatisfaction with the team. At present, Marshall United's attack line in the rush is 65 thousand pounds a week, Ford is 25 thousand pounds, had just renewed near lingard is 100 thousand pounds, Mata is 140 thousand pounds, Ibrahimovic was 180 thousand pounds (another version is 125 thousand), the highest salary before striker Lukaku is but 250 thousand pounds a week. In this contrast, Sanchez's salary is no doubt a great stimulus to other teammates, which is very bad for the atmosphere in the dressing room. ????????????|им?????????|?????????????????????????????????40???〉San Diego lightning in the past ten years the top defensive star has found a new owner. Baltimore crow announced Monday with veteran safety Eric wedell (Eric - Weddle) signed a 4 year contract. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contract cost 26 million dollars, including 13 million yuan to protect revenue, and Weddle will earn 9 million dollars in the first year, according to people familiar with the matter. reported that Weddle had received a bid for four teams before. In addition to crow, he also with the Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, the Dallas cowboys linked. Weddle, 31 years old, worked for lightning for 9 years. During the three seasons, he was selected for the best line-up. Besides, in the past 5 seasons, 3 seasons were selected as the best defensive player of the year. The deterioration of the relationship between the in the last offseason Weddle and lightning, when he told local media that his team for the management refused to meet him was "the lightning retired desire is very not respected". The relationship between has become increasingly tense at the end of twelve. When he was watching the dances at the time of the season's home games and watching the dances, the team fined him for "endangering the team's behavior". Weddle expressed surprise and anger. A week later, he told reporters that he might never talk to the team again. The presence of , while in the middle of the season after a groin injury has played with the injury, Weddle for the first time in three years to reach the level of occupation bowl performance. But his defense performance is still outstanding, for more than expected second line of lightning defense solid defense. is very similar to Steve Smith, the 2013 Steve Steve. The Raven stakes on a good player who struggles against the years. Although Weddle is about to enter the performance decline stage, there is no reason to believe that he will not prove yourself in the next season as the crow safetys position upgrade.

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