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's 25 - point patriot, who was once behind, completed a fantastic reversal of the big score - and it was all known to all. In addition to the well known hero win Tom Brady, count on the right-hand man Julian edelman. Edelman completed a catch brilliant history of the super bowl. After Robert Alford smack in the NFL, Edelman magic ball fixed in their own hands, and then the body floor. the ball make twitter shocked, but after the game Tom Brady also praised the Edelman, said: "this is the best I have seen". "I don't know he caught the ball. I thought he was out of hand or what." Brady said.was a whirlwind week for buffalo and their Bill team. Because of the snowstorm, Buffalo has taken a state of emergency, in comparison, Bill's home court moved to Detroit is the secondary. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping The team arrived in Detroit on Friday afternoon and in the evening began training for the first time this week, when in an interview with reporters, coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) the reception of Detroit proper praise: "the team is great, I have no words to describe, it is never in the league." The quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) added: "they are as good as possible arrangements for our trip." Malone also talked about Bill's problems: "we have many difficulties. We don't play at home, we don't train at home, we can't get together with our families." Orton said this is all not the case, we can only trust each other together.Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) in career has never missed a game, although his name frequently appeared this week in the Seattle Seahawks injury report, he will continue to look out. due to a hamstring injury Sherman is listed as playing might not be sure, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) told reporters that his star cornerback will decide whether to play before the game. However, Carol may be optimistic about Sherman's appearance. "he did a good job today," Carol told the media after training. "He's involved in the whole training course... We'll see him in the form of tomorrow until it's before the game, but he looks really good." Carol then said, "it looks like he can come out." although Carol didn't provide many details about Sherman's injuries, his comments and defense coordinator Chris Richard (Kris Richard) made similar comments on Thursday. After Sherman's second consecutive absence, Richard said, "we're just taking care of him. We'll see if he can play, so I think it's going to be decided by the coach. as Richard said, the Seahawks may just for Sherman more cautious, especially considering the alliance was warned last season because of Sherman's injury report haiying. Except for an accident before the game, Sherman will play against 49 people in San Francisco.Minnesota Vikings will start their future star quarterback in sixth weeks. Tactic - Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) on Sunday after an ankle injury missed Thursday's game, the Vikings in Cristian Pound (Christian Ponder) under the leadership of the poor performance of the very struggle, only got a touchdown for Bridge, Voight is a temporary decision game, but not too many changes to overcome. In the next week against lions before he had a long week to restore the body now, coach Mike (Mike Zimmer) - season ink mentions that Bridge Voight will start next week at a news conference after the game, the quarterback himself said after the game he was "no doubt" will be the first play the game against the lions. Bridgewater gave the team hope, and in the case of 2-3 special team needs a victory against the division rival, the 2014 first round pick in his NFL debut performance exciting, he in the game from victory Falcon code number 300+ and get a rushing touchdown. is a deeper, Bridgewater gave the team a spark, and he will be the development of the season since 2009 Britt faffe (Brett Favre) make the alliance shocked after the Vikings quarterback in the draft pick a huge success on the hand full of wit.

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