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The official website of NFL, Al - Geoffrey is excited, that eagle team football nest tiger June 13th training camp and preseason although is not coming, but the offseason signing al Jean Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) had been made Eagles tight end Zach - ertz (Zach Ertz) excited. is currently the training team also only confrontation, but Geoffrey is already in the spring the Legion took over the talent shows itself. To make all kinds of difficulties, easy to get rid of the second line cover defense, using the advantage of physical condition to eat horns and other performance all show the value of Geoffrey. This is enough for him next season in the offensive team performance fall into a reverie. ertz last season in the eagle ball first, Geoffrey joined with more profound threat, this is a defensive coordinator that can not be ignored. Therefore, whether as ertz proximal frontal or groove external, can get more space in midfield. is not just Archamps, but Torrey Smith. Ertz said, these people are outside the prominent alliance took over, the other can not ignore them, must let the safetys retreat. So I think the midfie cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ld will have more space. wait until the preseason and the regular season we will know how the effect is. But I am still happy to let these excellent players play, they are very talented. You've also seen alshang play, knowing his ability to finish the attack. Ertz said so. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL's official website, Albert Jiefeng deliberately left dolphin exposure to Jaguar, football nest Trading according to Miami media reports, Miami dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars are negotiating a deal about offensive cut-off Brandon Albert (Branden Albert) and near front Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas). The report points out that there is still a difference between the two sides, including the possibility that the players may need to rebuild the contract. reported last week that the dolphins would cut off Albert, but it didn't happen. It seems clear that Albert is not in the dolphin's 2017 plan, and the Jaguar is immediately thought to be his potential home. related players need to pass the physical examination, and the transaction will not take effect until the start of the new year's year in March 9th. Thomas's contract was until 2019, and he had $3 million in $7 million 100 thousand in 2017 as a guarantee of income. Thomas made 4 matches in 9 games for the Jaguar last season. in the case of Duhem Simmons (Dion Sims) and Jordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) is about to become a free player, dolphins need to consider the position of near front. The need to consider the Jaguars offensive tackle position because they have no choice left the original Jiefeng Kelvin beechum 2017 contract options. 's abandonment of Albert will allow dolphins to save $7 million 200 thousand in salary space. And they are expected to make the first round last season - Tang Searle (Sula Remy Laremy Tunsil) from the guard to the left Jiefeng position. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Earl Thomas will undergo surgery sidelined for 6 to 8 months | football Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) in the super bowl is still out of the league's top defensive performance, but his injury is still to a certain extent affected his play. According to the official website of NFL reporters, Thomas's injury is aggravated with the depth of the game, Thomas had played with the injury after the detected shoulder ligaments and muscles have a certain degree of tear. related sources revealed that Thomas would choose to undergo surgery recently. Surgery will lead him to a truce for 6 to 8 months. If recovered well, he will be expected to catch up with next season's opener. If recovery time is longer than expected, he will probably miss some of the Games in the beginning of next season. Seahawk proud second is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of big, after Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) said he is considering whether to accept the surgery to cure the injured elbow ligament, another security guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) for knee collateral ligament tear may also choose surgery. The 3 people had more serious injuries than expected, and the recovery time needed was difficult to answer at the present stage. The Seahawks need to prepare for the worst.NFL official website | chief for ACE running back Sunday full load operation | Rugby the Kansas chieftains are sprinting for the playoffs. This week's match against Oakland Raiders must be taken. Therefore, they hope that Jamaal Charles Jamaal will play a leading role in the attack. last week due to lost to the Arizona Cardinals game Charles sprained ankle habits and so this Wednesday, he missed training, also once gave him this Sunday the state added some trouble. But Charles, on Thursday and Friday, took part in the training to make the team feel he had recovered. manager Andy Reed (Andy Reid) said in an interview that he hoped Charles could take part in the game at the arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. is the question of how much Charles is going to take part in the attack? In the last 2 games, Charles had only 20 shots, and the manager had been reproached for not arranging their trump players as much as possible. In this season the first against the Raiders game, the 19 time he rushed the ball 80 yards, and 4 receptions with 42 yards and 1 touchdowns.

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