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with the NFL season is coming to an end, each team for next season's preparations have been opened, the formation of the new coach group has become the first task, but unlike the other teams, the Minnesota Vikings rarely appeared in the news recently, because they do not want to make a change of coach group. coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said the team was going to renew most of the assistant coaches to the end of the 2016 season. The assistant coach Drew - Palin (Drew Petzing) before joining the University of Kansas will take over coach Clint Kubiak (Clint Kubiak) position. It is reported that only one assistant coach of the team wants to sign a contract for a year, but the same with other teams, Vikings usually renew their contract with a coach's remaining one year. because the team did not announce many coaches' contract deadline, so the reporters were concerned about this problem. When asked about the time of their own contract, Zimmer said it would at least pass the 2016. According to the outside analysis, this is likely to be a 3+1 contract.The official website of NFL | President Xi visited the Lincoln High school football team | football local time, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping September 23rd afternoon, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington. was at Lincoln High School, and Xi Jinping was welcomed by the school rugby team. The players also gave a 1 shirt to President Xi Jinping. The number of different positions of American football is mandatory, and the number 1 and other small numbers are usually the number of the kicker, the quarterback, and so on. then let's introduce the position of American football kicker. The kicker (Kicker) generally needs to be responsible for the opening of the kick, the additional scoring and the 3 point shot. The above three behavior will need to football high kick start playing general need a play frame, and additional points and 3 points to help the golfer a shot. some teams will reserve 2 kickplayers. One kicker is responsible for the additional points and 3 points, while the other is responsible for the opening of the game and some long shot points. Most teams usually use only one kicker to accomplish a number of tasks. has a good hand to play for the team often means the game lore opportunity on the array because of the relative 6 points, 3 points from the difficulty of smaller, longer distance, higher stability.on Sunday, the playoffs finally arrived at AT& the T stadium. The packer dramatically beat the cowboy in the fourth quarter, and let's analyze the six crazy things that happened during the last 98 seconds of the game. crazy things a The 3 shot of the Dan Bailey and the Mason Crosby two hit 3 more than 50 yards of the set ball, a stunning performance in the playoffs. The first goal led the wrapper to get the lead after 15 points in the cowboy, and the game was not over. It's not a simple goal. If Crosby is missing, the cowboy will start attacking in the position near the midfield. But he did not. crazy thing two the most expensive non oppressive mistakes made by the cowboy team in the whole game. At Jason Witten to complete the 11 yards of the ball, the cowboy got the first attack to the 40 yards of the packers, and they had a 1:07 time and 1 pause. Dak Prescot chose to make the ball fell stopwatch time stopped, lost a. Finally, the Aaron Rodgers and the wrapper had enough time at the end of the game. crazy thing three watched 100000 people in the stadium and more than 52 million people around the world. Dan Bailey did not have any pressure. He managed to hit the 52 yard place ball successfully, and gave Dallas a dream season. crazy thing four I like this old fans think of the twenty-fifth Super Bowl in Jeff Hostetler, when he was passing in the giant end when Bruce Smith caught his right arm. Rodgers's ability to protect the ball was impressive when the blind side was captured by Jeff Heath on the blind side. It's nice to have a big hand. crazy thing five The rams have cut Jared Cook before the start of the season. But now his image is a combination of Tony Gonzalez-Gronkowski. this is an amazing pass and a more surprising catch, making it possible for Crosby to come again. crazy thing six The most sad of is the cowboy fans. The loser began to leave and go to the midfield. It seems that there has never been a just shot (Mason Crosby's winning shot). An important shot and a fantastic game. The official website of NFL | China Football League game to watch football | Author: 10 Yards with NFL opener started in CenturyLink Field the Seahawks home court, like American football fans finally look forward to the 2014-2015 season. For Chinese fans, the coming of the Chinese Rugby Union (AFLC) is coming to be their greatest gospel. This AFLC is divided into 3 divisions, and 4 teams in each area must definitely have a visual feast for all the City fans. Close to 10 Yards, let's count the profile of the various races. eastern section - the focus of strong dialogue team: Shanghai Warriors Shanghai Nighthawks Shanghai Titans Hangzhou Ospreys Overview: the division division is our most attention division, the reason is of course two veteran Warriors and Nighthawks, since contact football, two teams off the field to meet again in the league, will definitely make the crowd the heart rate. Compared with the two predecessors, the performance of Titans is much lower, and we are somewhat expected. They were assigned to a group of three Shanghai teams. Ospreys seemed rather passive. Despite the rapid development of the team, the competition experience is still short, and the outlet is not very optimistic. The southern part of - Hongkong has the advantage, Guangzhou has a potential for team: Hongkong Warhawks Hongkong Cobras

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