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The official website of NFL, Raiders quarterback Drake Carle talks: has not yet finalized, football nest tiger Derek June 22nd reported that when Oakland Raiders quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) was close to completing the contract with the team, Carle himself responded to this report on twitter. hasn't been fixed yet... Believe me, you'll know the news here first, Carle said. earlier Wednesday, ESPN reported that Carle and the Raiders were close to completing the contract renewal, and the new contract would give Carle an average annual salary of $25 million. This would make him the most paid quarterback in the league and the first quarterback with a salary of $25 million a year. ESPN pointed out that the news of the renewal was first announced this weekend. now has the highest annual average quarterback. It's Indianapolis Luck Andrew quarterback (Andrew Luck), whose salary is 24 million 594 thousand dollars. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and the New Orleans saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Drew Brees) the average annual salary is more than $24 million. Carle's basic salary in 2017 was 977 thousand and 519 dollars. He had insisted that he wanted to complete the renewal before training camp t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o avoid distraction. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.although the new England patriots are still bothered by the "release of the gas", the team will not stop the footsteps of the strong squad. Local time Wednesday, NFL official website reporter, is a free agent linebacker Brandon sparks (Brandon Spikes) plans to visit his old club this week. The first 4 spparks occupation career season has been played for the Patriots, through his efforts during the period proved to be an excellent - run type linebacker. Last season, sparks briefly joined buffalo Bill, his performance just passable in there, the final part company each going his own way with the team. Sparks is a very pure second defender, but the Patriots know how to motivate his full capacity. now, no other team expressed interest in spparks. Patriot squad, Jerrod Mayo linebacker position at present (Jerod Mayo) - Collins, Zhan Mei (Jamie Collins) and Tangta - Hajto Hua (Dont 'a Hightower). This offseason, the Patriots in the second premise weakened will shift attention to the construction of a powerful front group of 7 people. If the sparks can join, he will further deepen the team's depth.The official website of NFL | Sanchez apparently thinks he can do the first team football | in Philadelphia last week with Eagle coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) announced that the club will be the quarterback competition, the first competition has become increasingly fierce. , but the last 8 games of last season were Mark Sanchez. Mark also seemed to think he could safely wrap the first place in. thinks so, because his contract is 2 years and 9 million dollars to compete for the starting position. He said: obviously, the mode of last season is what we want. I talked with Kelly, so this start is very important for me. There are opportunities in other places, but I don't want to change. There is a year's contract, which is a completely different concept for the quarterback. 's team led by Sanchez finished 4 wins and 4 defeats last season. His passing success rate is as high as 64.1%. He has completed the promotion of 2418 yards and has been cut off for 14 times and 11 times. This is also the best data of his career. Maybe that's the source of his confidence.the United States on January 4th, at 4:40 in the afternoon, the United States occupation football league wild card playoff tournament final round in Dallas, the No. 6 seed Detroit lions against No. 3 seed Dallas cowboys. Finally, the cowboy 24:20 won the game, and the next game will challenge the oasis Bay Packer. game by cowboys began to attack, "the United States team" famous Cowboys offensive over all star players, including quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo), and Bryant (Dez Bryant over Davidtz), tight end Jason Witten (jason-Witten), running back DeMarco (Murray DeMacro Murray), and excellent offensive attack. They face the first male lions in the whole league defense. The lions are sitting on one of the best defensive frontlines in the league, including Damm Ndamukong-Suh. A lion put up a cowboy "three strikes". lion attack is by quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford), and took over the "Megatron" Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson), wide receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), running back Baer Joe (Joique Bell) and ike. And the cowboy defense core Sean - Lee (Sean Lee) season reimbursement. The first attack lion achievement touchdowns, Staffordshire a 51 yard pass to find the ball after Tate, running nearly 20 yards to complete touchdown. The cowboy's one attack still didn't make a difference, but their kicker kicked the ball to the lion's 1 - yard line. The lion in his own end zone could not do what the article, but this time the cowboy made a mistake, they hit the lion punter. The lion has completed a 99 - yard attack this time, and the lion is running together, and Bush's team mate Tate does a good stop to finish 18 yards of the ball. at the beginning of the second quarter was finally able to limit the attack of the cowboy lion, was captured and killed in Staffordshire to defend the quarterback, the ball, get offensive in their own right 10 yards. But the offensive line guard is still not very good to protect the romo. In the first half and the end of the 1 minutes, by a 76 yard long pass found wide receiver Terrence Williams (Terrence Williams) completed a touchdown. The lion took the ball in 1 minutes and 37 seconds, pushed 60 yards in 1 and a half, and finally scored 3 points. The half - court lion 17:7 took the lead temporarily. In the second half of , the lion began to attack, but Staffordshire's pass was blocked and then copied at 20 yards. But the cowboy did not seize the opportunity, they were again, "three strikes" and 41 yards shot out. The lion's attack can be pushed back to the red area of the cowboy again, but a shift can not be completed in the red area and the shot is completed again.

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