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even-even soccer equipment network England Crystal Palace Club officially launched the 2016-17 season of the new team with the home court Away Jersey at the club annual awards ceremony on the evening of the Crystal Palace men's and women's team five star players were displayed and the main home court Away Jersey, the continuation of the classic red and blue jersey since 70s of last century, the away kit the club's love lucky color. Again see fringewidth bold change with yellow jersey with former club classic iconic red and blue ribbons, new away kit let the fans themselves, let them recall the famous jersey. Crystal Palace red blue ribbon shirt can be traced back to the 1975-76 season, September 1979 "Eagle" wearing the same style of history only once in the top league club temporarily top, aspiring hopes to replicate this feat in the new season.NFL official website | Dezhou signed ten million years | football quarterback Hoyer according to NFL media Eyre Bert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Houston Dezhou people's team and Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) have reached an agreement, and will sign a contract worth 10 million 500 thousand dollars for a period of 2 year cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s, which guarantees the salary of 4 million 750 thousand dollars. Before that, Heuer had twice with New York's Jet opportunity. Heuer will compete with Ryan Malotle (Ryan Mallett) and Tom Savage (Tom Savage) to qualify for the first quarterback. The Dezhou team traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the jet fleet to make room for Heuer. Heuer was familiar with the attack system of commander Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) when he was in the new England patriots. He also won 10 and 6 losses in Brown's team. however, the people of Dezhou still hope Marlott can grow as a starter, therefore may only temporarily Hoyer as the No. 2 quarterback appeared.Near the super bowl, as the most heavyweight event in North America, it has attracted the attention of sports circles. Football fans and basketball fans have talked about the super bowl, but this movement has many misunderstandings in people's impression. Do a rumor of a rumor here. Football isn't football, American Football is American football. In fact, football and American football ancestry, originally this movement rule is allowed with hands and feet for kick off with their feet, so called football. In the United States as long as the mention of football is necessarily American football, and football is soccer. super bowl is that the trophy should be a bowl. actually because the stadium is built like a bowl, so all kinds of events are called the XX bowl. us all play American football, but it's not popular in countries outside the United States. and Chinese people can play a character in ping-pong / martial arts. In addition, in addition to the United States, Canadian and Japanese American football is also very developed, Europe also has a lot of League. NFL players are tall and strong, Chinese not suitable for playing football. NFL players are really strong, but not necessarily high. The Baltimore Raven team in active service, Steve Smith, is the first to start with a height of only 175cm. There is also a shorter, off - service hand and back attack Trindon Holliday height 165cm. There are two people to participate in the NFL draft with Chinese nationality, kicker Ding Long and defense Xu Xin. Two people have been invited to join the team trial, the former did not leave, because the latter is not ideal but ultimately refused to contract. These two people are waiting for a better chance. No one in is playing American football. There are at least 30 real American football teams in , two times in the National League, and there are more than a dozen teams at all levels in Shanghai. If you count the ball in the flag, the 50 teams are more than all. American football is to carry the ball, and the NFL is to see the collision. , many, many years ago, American football almost didn't pass. But now it's a leading attacking League. The number of passing balls is more than that of running balls. Another NFL collision is really intense, but the ball on the pitch, diversion, a fundamental solution is the essence of the sport. NFL is the largest of the four major alliances in the United States and has a lot of money to make. admittedly, the NFL League makes $1 billion a year, but it gives too little to the players. NBA is more than twenty million of the top 8 annual salaries, and the top players in the NFL league are rarely paid more than ten million a year. The team has the highest salary.The official website of NFL | Purdue University defensive tackle Howard will participate in the draft supplement | Rugby Purdue University defensive tackle Lazhaen - Howard (Ra Zahn Howard) will participate in the supplemental draft. ESPN reporter Adam - Adam Schefter reported that Howard left school for academic reasons, according to a source of information. Players who have applied for a change in their own situation after the deadline for the draft show may apply for a supplementary draft. Howard was suspended by school in a month, and he announced that he was interested in transferring to school. He was the first player in the three years at the Purdue University. according to the Purdue University data, Howard is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 325 pounds, so the NFL team will at least pay attention to him. The supplement will be held on July, and sheffien reports that Howard will hold a showcase day training in New Jersey in July 8th. 's selection of players in the draft selection will lose the corresponding right of draft in the second year draft. In the past six years there are five players selected in the supplemental draft, a recent Losangeles last year picked Isiah Battelle RAM (Isaiah Battle), one of the most well-known is Cleveland Brown in the second round pick in 2012 and took over Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon).

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