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The official website of NFL | Clark has not yet fully recovered, was listed as "open" | football Whether Andrew - Andrew (Luck) is able to play in this week's Thursday night match is still not finalized. In the Indianapolis wounded report released on Wednesday local time, the team put Lark in doubt. He will have 50% chance to play this week. The opponent of the pony will be Houston Dezhou. lac limited participated in the training of the team on Wednesday and Thursday. Relevant sources said he would play first, but he still did not recover to 100%. Last week, LAK was absent because of a shoulder injury. The team's substitutes for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping quarterback Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) were also listed as doubtful due to illness. 10 days later, the pony will play against the new England patriots. For this season the slow ponies and Iraq, they need to find the state as soon as possible, this will require a completely natural health impact in the Iraq Super Bowl team., if you're not sure what you can do for 100 million dollars, you have quite a lot in common with Houston, Dezhou's J.J. J.J. Watt. After signing a 6 - year contract of $100 million in September 2nd, his friends told him to buy something, but watt didn't know what to buy. so Watt did what anyone would do, and he used Google search. "I'm Google 'what the rich will buy,'" Watt said. "Because I don't feel like a rich man, I really don't want to behave like a rich man, so I don't know what the rich are going to buy. I really don't like the results I've found, so I'm going to get on with the simple habits that I have now and go on working. " so what do people buy from rich people? I don't know, but the $50 thousand crocodile umbrella is a good choice if you ask for advice. A pet bear and a toilet seat that can be heated by itself are also worth recommending.Pittsburgh Steelers running back de Angelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) has been 33 years old, this is his NFL into the eleventh season, but I feel like the first day of school children. Williams released a photo on his twitter on Tuesday, . "I can't imagine having the opportunity to fight in NFL for 11 years. I am still a child from now on," he wrote. has to be said, Williams always wants to be the star of fantasy and therefore growth, last season he did, because the first run Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) were injured, he became the first last season. The age of 30 years for the running back is leaving age, but Williams can achieve high output, while the Steelers also willing to let him first.the new England patriots were obviously interested in the younger brother of Rob Gronkowski. with the team to win the super bowl, previously in order to save the salary space for Glen - Patriot Gelon Khodorkovsky (Glenn Gronkowski) to provide a future contract. , the 22 year old player, was signed by Buffalo Bill to the 53 people's list. But it was released in September last year. After that, Glen joined the patriotic training list in October. thereafter, between October and December, Glen renewed the contract 6 times, until last December 2nd, he was re signed into the team training list, and he won the Super Bowl honor with the Patriots.

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