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Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu (Troy - Polamalu) and linebacker Ryan Sachill (Ryan Shazier) are subject to a more serious injury, this Sunday against the New York jets were unable to play games. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) today confirmed that the two per capita missed this week. Sachar injured his ankle in Sunday night games, and Polamalu knee injury. for the Steelers defense group is a huge loss, and substitute Sean J Pean J and will Alan will replace Sachill and Paula Maroo play. but the good news is that the Steelers Sunday is in the face of this season make jets offensive team, but if you want to the Steelers Defense Threat, then Michael Vick (Michael Vick) and Percy (Percy Harvin) - HARVIN last week may have to play with.The 2014 season of New York gi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ant Payton Hillis (Peyton Hillis) has ended in advance. The giant in the local time on Saturday announced that the veteran suffered a concussion during the tenth week to the Seattle Seahawks game, the team will choose him on the injured reserve list, this also means that the reimbursement season he has. this is the second years of Hillis's brain concussion. Last season he encountered the same situation in December, the same opponents haiying. This season, Hillis as the rotation of the running guard, a total of 26 shots, take 115 yards, completed the ball 10 times, take 87 yards. Then, the giant raised the line guard Justin - Anderson (Justin Anderson) into the list from the training lineup. , on the other hand, Rashad Jennings, the top runner of the team who had suffered from knee lateral cruciate ligament injury, will return to San Francisco's 49 match this week. Rashard Rashad. During his injury, the team enabled Andre - Williams (Andre Williams) as the first run guard, and Hillis also got some chances. The team expects Jennings to recover quickly after 5 weeks of absence.this week's game, the Arizona Cardinals to defeat on the road to the Denver Broncos at 20:41. Defensive end - game Cardinals Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) in the game after the knee injury, ligament sprain detection is medial, is expected to be out for 2 to 4 weeks. Campbell was injured in a passing shock, standing opposite him is the Broncos tight end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) and left Jiefeng Ryan creditOn (Ryan Clady), Thomas as a cover of a dangerous body barrier to Campbell, led directly to Campbell to withdraw from the race. Then Thomas was also punished for the foul, the Mustang was fined 15 yards, and the previous array was cancelled. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) in an interview after the game, angrily said: "I as a coach for 37 years, this is the most I have seen the dirty action, before I had never seen such a play. I know that John - Fawkes (John Fox) is a good coach, but some of them have to be fined. Callas - Campbell is one of the most underrated players in the league, he has been for many years with excellent performance but has never been an occupation bowl, this week's game he also contributed a high difficulty steals.{"averagePoints":4.8,"playerId":14885,"percentChange":-1.8,"averageDraftPosition":92.5,"percentOwned":62.8,"fullName":"Doug Martin","lastPoints":-0.3,"pointsSEASON":76,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Martin's 2016 season was a disaster from all angles. He entered the year off a 1,673-yard bounce-back campaign that landed him a five-year, $35.75 million extension. He went on to appear in only eight games due to injury and suspension and posted a 2.9 YPC (fourth worst). Of course, in his defense, Martin was afforded 1.1 yards before contact per attempt, which was second lowest in the NFL and down from 2.8 in 2015. Martin has now missed at least five games during three of the past four years and averaged 3.7 YPC or worse during those three seasons. He's also suspended three games to start 2017 and is thus worth no more than a mid-round pick.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Thu May 25"},"positionRank":64,"totalPoints":76}

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