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Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) returned to the training ground on Wednesday. the Seattle Seahawks tight end last season in twelfth weeks after the injury in the patellar tendon due to his thigh injury to training camp in the list. chief Carol (Pete Carroll) said on Tuesday that Graham was "about to return" to the training field. Wednesday's news confirmed that he was activated from a list of injuries that could not be put on the court. The patellar tendon injury is one of the most difficult injuries to the athletes, and many players fail in the recovery process. Carol praised Graham so far the recovery progress, but we can expect the Seahawks carefully slowly let Graham to increase the amount of training. 's return to training before the first pre - season is a positive sign that Graham is ready to play in the early games of the reg cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ular season, but it is a matter of concern. Graham in the first season, the Seahawks effect of ups and downs, but before the injury more involved. His return to the Seahawks offensive, especially red attack is a big plus.The official website of NFL | before the people of Dezhou will decide whether Klauni played football | wo Judd (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney this season has been unable to recover in a short return line-up, Houston Dezhou once again put him on the injured list. Speaking of whether the champion Bill can play in Philadelphia hawk this week, coach Bill O said: "I don't know, in my view, the situation is not objective." O Brien said. Dezhou people say they will decide whether Klauni will play before the game. Klauni suffered a knee injury in the first week of the season, and then he was absent until last week. ESPN reporter revealed that Klauni was included in the injury list, not because of a recurrence of knee injury, only physical discomfort, suspected illness. The team took him as a doubt, and the reason for it was the knee, the disease. In the match with Titan in Tennessee last week, Klauni, who was returned from the injury, finished only one capture. Obrien declined to reveal more details about Klauni's physical condition in the interview. But he said that for NFL players, lack of war is very common. There is no need to make a fuss and care for a single player too much.this season, the Baltimore crow's defensive offside number led the league. They were 12 times with the Indianapolis pony, while only 4 teams in the League had more than 7 defensive offside fouls. However, the coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) doesn't care about this problem. Harbert said, "of course I know why. Because our players are very active in the flush, and they want to catch the time for the kick off. Especially like Elvis Du mervil (Elvis Dumervil) and Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) - players like that, they don't want to waste a second. We are good at skipping the kick-off line at the first time, which has also brought us a lot of benefit. Of course, we should pay some price for it. " it looks like a deal, perhaps a 5 yard foul, perhaps the 1 time the opponent has lost 10 yards. The practice of the Raven players did increase the probability of their killing. At the moment, they are ranked third with 45 rankings. At the same time, the two people in dumisville and Saggers have been punished for 10 offside offense.even-even soccer equipment network when the 2016 European cup into the knockout stage, Adidas offered a new design of football. Here, we introduce the Adidas Fracas-- as the French grand. "Fracas" is the name of many famous French artists of modern results which benefit by mutual discussion, including musicians, fashion and pop artist names. In France, if one can be called "Fracas" thing, it must be a momentum to resolutely make the creation of the world feat. In this way, such a name is well known for the official ball in the knockout. Nice to do, David Guetta & Co. "Beau Jeu is a technical football, trying our best to get into the knockout stage. Fracas is used to design more full of vigor and vitality. It represents the fans, also on behalf of the court, Losers are always in the wrong. one game intense and fierce." Sam Handy, vice president of the Adidas design department, said. the original link:

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