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Seattle Seahawks and defender Brandon Bronner's reunion and come to an end. has learned that the team has decided to cut him out to make sure that the team's list is reduced to 75. Previous attempts to Blanna from the Seahawks cornerback into a security guard, but did not play a significant role. 2011-2013 season for the Seahawks Bronner play 36 games to finish 10 steals, 2 touchdowns and 117 tackle, 2012 season for violating the league rules were suspended and the absence of that year's super bowl. 2014 to the 2015 season he Bronner patriot, New Orleans saints play, but surrendered the wors cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t League cornerback data.The official website of NFL | too headstrong! The pirates | football fans strike violently in Cincinnati last week to the end of a tiger away at 14:13 Tampa Bay Pirates Game, some fans in Raymond - James (Raymond James) involved in a brawl outside the stadium, can make nothing of it causes of things, but one thing is certain at least one of the pirates fans face hit. Take from the witnesses of the video, a man wearing a A.J. Green (A.J. Green) Jersey tigers fans and a pirate fans quarrel in the chatter without stop, while the Bengals fans want to turn away, perhaps heard some insulting statements, he hit the pirates fans a blow in the face of the latter, then fell to the ground, writhing on the floor, not only out of the slippers, also nearly hit by a jeep. more people came to open the two sides, at this time it was not clear at the end.Denver wild horse may not be able to use Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the new season, instead of letting him play the quarterback, but let him buy the naming right of the stadium. previously named home court of all the companies Mustang Sports Authority, recently declared bankruptcy, but they have nearly $20 million sponsorship for 5 years to pay, so they began looking for new buyers, but so far only a local marijuana company is willing to bid. if there are no buyers at that time, Sports Authority will not perform the contract, and perhaps the home of the wild horse will be opened without a name. The good news for for wild horses is that no matter which new naming business is replaced, their contracts will be at least $400 million -4.5 20-25 years.CFL extension of Hamilton (Hamilton Tiger-Cats) of Ocelot Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) to decide the ten day window. The League statement says the team needs more time to assess the quarterback, and Manzel must first have a domestic violence assessment. "we have decided to extend the window period to facilitate the assessment of the players." "We won't have more comments before the end of the process," the statement said. Hamilton a year ago will be the winner of the Heisman list into the negotiation, stipulated according to the alliance, in any list of players who have the right to trigger the ten day window period, this time the team must decide signing / trading / cancelling player. Manzel's agent recently decided to trigger this window.

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