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, according to the telegraph, knows that the latest World Cup Jersey in England will be the most expensive in history, and the price of one set of shirts may be 110 pounds. The New Jersey will be officially sold out next month. despite the release of the New Jersey, the FA did not disclose the price of the shirt. But Nike, a manufacturer of Jersey, revealed to the telegraph the "recommended retail price" of the shirt. The price of the New Jersey is 10% higher than that one introduced two years ago, when the price of the shirt was 101 pounds. It is reported that England , New Jersey Shirt priced at about 65 pounds, higher than 2 years ago the price of 30 pounds 5 pounds, shorts, hi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gher than 2 years ago was 2 pounds, socks priced at 15 pounds, or 2 pounds higher than two years ago. In addition, the company will launch "Nike game" jerseys and shorts. It's better in quality and for players. It costs the same as before, 90 pounds 55 pounds tops, shorts. If the socks are added, the value of a England "game" shirt is close to 160 England patriots won a big victory this week with a 51-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguar. Patriot,, once in the 8 attack, 5 touchdowns, 3 shots, no punt. Danny - Oman (Danny Amendola) to complete the Dora a yard touchdown catch, quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of up to 400 times the number of touchdowns, which made him 400 touchdowns by passing the least number of players complete history. The previous record holder Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) by passing 7296 times to complete 400 touchdowns, Brady tries to pass 7282 times after a milepost. according to the Brady current data at the end of the season, he is expected to pass for 5931 yards, 48 touchdowns, passing success rate of 72.1%, quarterback passing score of 119.6. He will hit his team's record in the 2007 season.The official website of NFL | promises Larry Fitzgerald to finish college football | Larry - Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) took 13 years to cash in on her promise to her before her mother died. the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Feinikesi graduated from the University on Saturday. He majored in communications. 32 year old Fitzgerald in 2003 at the University of Pittsburgh, when his mother died due to breast cancer. Fitzgerald said he had promised her to finish college before her mother died. Fitzgerald kept his promise this weekend. last year, he told local media that he had completed his studies in memory of his mother. I was grateful to her for having been with me for 19 years, and her time around me was enough to shape me to today, Fitzgerald said. I could give her something but I'm sorry she raised me so many years bear bitter hardships but never seen. It makes me sad.Our football equipment network Brazil sand Club (Chapecoense) "official launch of a new club badge today, after 2016 at the end of this huge disaster, reconstruction of the club to write a story about family, family unity and tradition in this" eternal badge ", dead people the badge is remembered in. new badge in the club name abbreviation "ACF" (Associaç ã O Chapecoense de Futebol, "people sand Football Association) in the letter" F "with a small star, to commemorate the passing in ramea Airlines flight 2933 of these people, because the club and gave their lives people are always recorded in the club's history to become a part of people's badge of sand", make the world remember. Above the

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