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Cincinnati tigers defensive tackle Steele's (Devon Still) in 1 weeks received two good news in the local time, the team announced on Thursday that it will renew his contract a year. Last season, Steele was well known by the fans for his daughter's cancer, and he and his family moved all the people. 2 days ago, Steele excitedly announced that a recent examination showed that there were no surviving cancer cells in his daughter's body. Steele said on Tuesday, "I just received a report, and the doctor told me they didn't find any living cancer cells in her body. We still need to wait for the results of the MRI, but the doctors are very optimistic about it. Now it's time to celebrate. " the good guys weihaobao, the tigers also as quickly left the good players, good father. As a versatile player on the defensive front, Steele will further strengthen the depth of the tigers' existing lineup. He will try to get more time for the player as a player.The official website of NFL |: Cutler Marshall did not accuse me of | football in the locker room according to a number of loca cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l media reports in Chicago, the bear team than the 13 to 27 score an ugly loss to the Miami dolphins, all star wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in the locker room after the game be furious, is criticized the good partner, quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler). But Cutler was interviewed on Thursday after the end of the training team said that this rumor is It is sheer fiction. was not like the media, he didn't get close to me, didn't call me, and actually he didn't fire anyone. Cutler said he was an easily excited person. He always said what he would say and he wouldn't hide it. He was angry because the team didn't win. Cutler also said that the team lost should not lose the game, so the team mood is low, the team played poorly than Marshall accused a person.Beijing time August 23rd, the 2014 season of the NFL season, the third weeks of the season, the New York Derby. In this highly focused game, the two sides launched a score war. Finally, relying on the excellent performance of the attack group, the New York giant won the Snoopy trophy (The Snoopy Trophy) with 35-24 victory over the New York jet. (Note: giants and jets meet every year in the preseason, the trophy is awarded to the winner of the match. the first half of the match probability of first attack jet, quarterback Gino Smith (Geno Smith), running back Chris - (Chris Johnson), Johnson Dirk (wide receiver Eric Eric Decker) and other line-up players completed several wonderful attack, finally has the kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) in the penalty kick and rookie in the end Jess - Luo Amar (Jace Amaro) completed 1 yard touchdown catch, 10-0 leading. The first 5 waves of a mediocre giant attack in the first 5 waves were finally recovered at the end of the first half. Starting quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) instigated 1 wave 90 yards offensive in the last two minutes, by wide receiver Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) to complete the 15 yard touchdown catch. The second half of was replaced by the substitute line-up. At the beginning of the giants defensive end Damon Hartley Moore in the second half (Damontre Moore) by jets quarterback Michael Vick in jet 19 yards (Michael Vick) off the ball. The giant to get the ball back right after a successful touchdown to take the opportunity to attack, Ryan Nacib (Ryan Nassib) pass to fullback Henry - Hainuosiji (Henry Hynoski) to complete the touchdown, the 14-10 giants counter ultra score. Then both of you come to me, the score rises alternately, jet respectively by Vic to Dirk and another backup quarterback Matt Sims (Matt Simms) pass to wide receiver Greg Salas (Greg Salas) made up front, and here is the first giant 39 yard pass to wide receiver at Preston - Parke (Preston Parker) completed a touchdown after rookie running back Andrea Williams (Andre Williams) 1 yards rushing touchdowns. Finally, when the score came 28-24, 2 minutes and 16 seconds left in the game, before every game ball touchdown performance giants wide receiver Cory Washington (Corey Washington) and Nacib with made a 31 yard touchdown, this victory. before the game has been out of the Manning 21 pass 12 times successfully gained 139 yards and 1 touchdowns, Nasib 12 ball 8 times successfully gained 103 yards and 3 touchdowns, receiver Victor Cruz also made 4 receptions for recovery, 61 yards. On this side of the jet, the coach Rex Ryan (Re〉The official website of NFL | suffered concussion outside the Panthers rookie over | football The Carolina Panther's list of injuries added an unexpected name on Wednesday. Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) suffered a concussion in last week's match. coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Benjamin came to training with a headache on Monday, after which he received a concussion examination. He did not attend training on Wednesday. It's not clear whether he can play in the next game against the Green Bay Packers. the injury seemed to happen in the last attack of the Panther's overtime. The tigers von von TASS - Bo Fekete (Vontaze Burfict) hit Benjamin, knocked him down and forced the panther to kick the ball. black leopard depends on Benjamin as much as all the teams in the League depend on the non quarterback rookie. He made the team's passing attack more explosive by himself, and was the best player to attack the new rookie of the year.

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