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Water polo | Xuancheng Winter Swimming Association of swimming enthusiasts zipper Gangkouwan reservoir to implement the "national fitness regulations" and "National Fitness Program" (2011-2015), and vigorously promote the 7.16 Comrade Mao Zedong Swimming Swim the Yangtze River Spirit and culture, and guide the masses to participate in swimming, swimming and fitness, constantly improve people's awareness of swimming fitness, expanding public swimming fitness participation scale, promote mass swimming the development, in July 19th, more than 70 Xuancheng Winter Swimming Association swimming enthusiasts in Gangkouwan reservoir carried out runs about 2.6 km tour activities. to participate in the tour activities for nearly seventy old man, there are students, with their national swimming fitness, share the happiness of li cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fe as the theme, advocating safe swimming, swimming happy idea, I will swim, I am happy, I am healthy throughout. (Huang Jiawang)NFL????|?????????????????????|????? back in August last year, when Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and the new England patriots is considered to be the fiftieth Super Bowl favourites, and cam Newton (Cam Newton) and the Carolina Panthers were considered only competitive. 6 months passed, and Newton tried to spell the first Super Bowl for the Panther, while Brady looked at the Super Bowl at home. , but Brady beat Newton in other fields. According to NFL's latest Jersey sales list, Brady's jersey sales ranked the first and Newton ranked second. Newton's team mate Luke Jikuli (Luke Kuechly) ranked eighth. if the Panther can get the super bowl, Newton and Luke's shirt will be unquestionably multiplied.We also mentioned before that it is time for the team to choose whether to carry out the fifth year contract option for the first round of 2014. ESPN according to the reporter, Taylor - Lu An left Jiefeng Titan (Taylor Lewan) is one of the lucky ones recently. Titan chose to carry out his contract option on Tuesday afternoon. ?????2014???11??????????????6?????????????????????? In the past two years, he has played 31 matches, and has made a perfect partnership with the first round Jack Conklin (Jack Conklin) at the two ends of the offensive front line, helping the team's number of ball punching from twenty-fifth to third last year. When reached a contract with Lu, Titan would be able to reduce his worries and be more comfortable with Mario Kobita's contract after third years after the ball was finished.The official website of NFL | Connor Shaw Brown will serve as the starting quarterback | football match Cleveland Brown's season - and Baltimore crow season - now depend on quarterback Connor Shaw (Connor Shaw). Brown coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) announced on Friday that the team from the training group to enhance the rookie quarterback in the squad and will in the next game against the crow game with him. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Brown signed the contract with the South Carolina University, the training group quarterback who did not choose the League to enter the league. in the veteran quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian - Hoyer) suffering from a shoulder injury (he may play the next game in doubt) and another quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) was put in the injured reserve list case, Shaw is Brown in Taylor recently signed and Ge Peng (Tyler Thigpen) outside only the quarterback. Xiao occasionally looks very good in the pre - season, but it's another thing to deal with the Raven's strong defensive team. In particular, the Brown attack team did not achieve much success in the attack with the season, and could not share the pressure. this is a big plus for the crow, they need to win with San Diego or to lightning flat on the Kansas City Chiefs to get a playoff berth. The vision was thrown in cold water after the emirate announced on Friday that the first quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) would be out of play because of a splenic tear. at the same time, Brown has little incentive to win, except that they have the chance to win 8 games for the first time since 2007, which is the third time since 1994.

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