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The official website of NFL | pony defensive striker Jones will undergo ankle surgery | Rugby Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Gregson (Ryan Grigson) in March last year the former Baltimore striker Jones crow defensive midfielder Arthur - (Arthur Jones) with a pony, on both sides of a 5 year, $33 million contract agreement. But so far, Jones's contribution is very limited. According to 's NFL official, Jones will be undergoing ankle surgery in the near future. Related people said that the pony will put Jones on the injury list, he will be back to the best condition to return. This means that it is still impossible to exclude the possibility that Jones has already been reimbursed for the season. Jones can be competent to defend all the positions on the front line. He hopes he can make contributions in rush and run, but his performance last season is disappoin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ting. The new season, the introduction of the Kendall - Longford Pony (Kendall Langford), he will partner Tori - Hughes (Montori by Hughes) and Henry Anderson (Henry Anderson) bear the responsibility.The Alliance announced that after Wednesday's appeal, it would maintain a 1 - game ban on the New York giant's Odell Beckham. , the star catcher was banned from playing Minnesota's Vikings at a time when he was banned from playing 35-38 times to the Carolina Black Panther. , after the announcement of the appeal result, Beckham himself made a statement that he had made mistakes in sports ethics, and apologized to his teammates, teams and fans for their actions in the match. has been entangled with Beckham Norman and Josh Norman (Josh Norman) many times during the match. He has been fined 4 fouls, including lawless personal fouls. NFL Dean, the vice president of the referee, Dean Blandino said on Tuesday that even if the referee did not send Beckham to court, his behavior in the game could actually send him off the court. Brandi. Norman has not escaped the coalition. He was fined, but he also appealed to the alliance.Oakland Raiders team has recently Disasters pile up on one another. in the new season, lost 4, and happened to encounter the injuries to key players. The Raiders naturally want to improve the current difficulties, the team in the local time on Monday to sign the new England patriots had been laid off over the outer Kenbu Riel Tompkins (Kenbrell Thompkins), to replace the injury worse rob Street (Rob Streater). It is said that he may be at least truce until November. a day later, the Raider chose to strengthen the online security position. The Kaluka - Maava (Kaluka Maiava) was included in the list of injuries, the team selection of ray - ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Amstrong) emergency. Armstrong has just been cut off by the Saint Louis ram. The reason is that he made a decisive mistake when he came on the stage as the special request player. A foul play made it impossible for the ram to endure. In 2012, Armstrong's rookie season was spent by the dolphins. Despite his outstanding talent, he lacks discipline and has 9 fouls in a single season. The Raiders will use him as a line guard, hoping that he can show his offensive and athletic ability. Raiders may continue to find the right players in the next few days, with a large list of reinforcing the weak.Jackson Luke - Joe Cole left Jiefeng Jaguar (Luke Joeckel) have never suffered career prior to the brain concussion, it is doubtful whether he knew how to overcome the injury. During the first quarter of the first quarter, Joe Cole was struck by his opponent, causing concussion in the first quarter of a game of 13-27 to the Miami dolphin. Joe Cole was allowed to be interviewed for the first time on Thursday, . He said, "I don't know what word to describe the sense of concussion. But when you have the experience, you can understand that feeling, that's really terrible. When Joe Cole was injured, he was blocking his opponent's attempt to strike a free kick from the side of the party. He said his head was hit by his opponent's knees or thighs, and then he lost his ability to fight. has always been very careful with the concussion of the brain. The team cornerback Dwyne Graz (Dwayne Gratz) and safetys Huo Nathan xipulin (Johnathan Cyprien) was earlier in the season has suffered a concussion, America fordoo choose to let them rest for one week at least. As a result, Joe Cole will almost be absent from this week's game.

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