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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) is one of the few alliance has been underappreciated players injured last season for the 35 year old his future occupation career has become more uncertain. boss Jerry Jones recently Cowboy (Jerry Jones) told reporters that the team wanted by at least 5 years of service to the team, I also agree with this by the time span. by the time in the United States on Wednesday said: "I am no longer a young man of more than 20 years old, but our current team based on the situation of 3-4 years is a must, I think this offseason is a thorough change, I am very pleased to continue to participate in the team training." The two season by the clavicle fracture , he underwent surgery in March, now his personal injury has been done not affect him. Last 4-5 years is credible, but we cheap nfl jerseys free shipping have to suspect that the Romo efficiency, especially when he is injured again the team can endure.'s every thing about the New York giants preseason game shows that their attack team will not be able to see directly on Monday night against Detroit lions. Despite the data and game videos showing their bad performance, the new attack coordinator, Ben McAdoo, insisted that his first attack team was progressing. "I think we have made progress," he told New York daily news. "We are making progress. We start to play a role in training. We have cultivated a tacit agreement between us. We just have to keep this in the game. " in the 5 preseason game giants starting quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) looks very bad, 41 pass 20 times successfully gained 188 yards and 1 touchdowns. In one of the games, Manning did not succeed 1 times, in the other, he had only 1 passes but did not get the number. (look in the good direction: no pass is copied!) seems to be not hard enough to learn a new attack system. As a result of injuries, the giants' attacking frontlines are still reconstructing. The starting two guard were injured on Monday night, the giant will use a rookie to stop the lions ace defensive tackle Damaken en Su (Ndamukong Suh). It would be difficult for eli. , we've seen that some teams hide most of their tactics after adopting the new offensive system, so that the preseason performance is bad, but then wait for the regular season to start quickly. The giant was obviously not a team like that, but there had been a more crazy thing in the first battle of the season.has long questioned people who have left college to take part in the NFL show just to earn more income and give up their degrees. but this time we might understand the Auburn tigers - Payton Barber (Peyton Barber). the Auburn running back decided to participate in the NFL draft in his junior, but he knows that he is hard to pick in the previous rounds, he did not be a huge contract and considerable benefits. So why don't he stay in school and finish his studies and prepare himself for the next spring? recently interviewed Barber, saying that because his mother was now homeless and had to live with his sister, he had no place to live from 7 to 14 years old. He had to make the decision 20 minutes before the deadline. Barber finished 1017 yards of the ball last season. It is now predicted that he will be selected in the 256 place and let us wish him good luck.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) on Tuesday expressed the hope that the team's star receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) can live in the cowboys. , but after hearing the exaggerated news about his violation of the team curfew in London, Bryant's mood for the contract is obviously not clear this week. "I know what is the condition that I should accept and not accept. You know, this is not the problem of money. I just think they should be more respectful to me. I really love Dallas. Let's wait and see. It's all about respect. I am a loyal person, but please don't test my loyalty. , according to the famous NFL media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), Dallas cowboy's concerns about Bryant mainly lie in his behavior outside the stadium, which concerns directly whether the team is willing to provide more protection salaries.

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