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NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?New York jets coach Todd - Pauwels (Todd Bowles) held a press conference in the interim Tuesday local time, announced the team quarterback Smith Keno (Geno Smith) due to the fighting in chin was shattered in the locker room with his teammates, will miss 6 to 10 weeks of time. At the same time, the jet has quickly cut off the other party, IK- Don Aime Parry (IK.Enemkpali), the two grade line guard. NFL official website reporter Ian reported at Smith's jaw was fractured in two places, Pauwels said Smith will undergo surgery to repair, he said in an interview: "the fight is caused by a dressing room row, does not have any relationship with football, just because the reason is ridiculous childish fight. I can't tolerate and understand this kind of thing. I can't allow my team to have a variety of field problems. " Smith this offseason outstandin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g performance, with the team of new money Coordinator (Cham Gailey) - Gately's offense is very in tune, many experts say that it will lock the first team, get rid of the previous two seasons. After Smith's injury, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick will take the place of him and win the starting quarterback position of the team. Besides, Brice Brice, a rookie, is also expecting the Fitzpatrick. According to Rapoport reports, en am invited to attend his Keno Parry sponsored training camps, agreed after Don Aime Parry also took the initiative to pay $600 to help advance the keno keno ticket, but ultimately did not appear in the training camp, he explained to Don Aime Parry that his brother was riding his bicycle when injured in car accidents I need to accompany in the side, so can't keep the appointment. Logically speaking, keno should pay the $600, but when Aime Parry asked him for money when grace is Keno and the first to make impertinent remarks hands-on, but the results of other broken jaw bone.Houston, Alfred Blue of Dezhou's runner up, recently had some helplessness, because his car appeared in the marsh of Louisiana in the US time. It is reported that , the morning 9 points when the bicycle accident on the highway, witnesses said the car into the water, after the reporter survey shows that the owner of the car is blue, but he is not a man was driving the car, he did not appear in the car accident. is not yet clear who drove the Bumblebee of bru, and then drove the car into the water. The police told reporters that no one has been arrested and no one has been injured so far. the only thing we know is that bru needs to buy a new car. Bruce, a very critical substitute for Dezhou, has finished 1908 yards in the first three seasons and 7.| water polo Coach: Jinglin love enlightenment history an obsession for swimming August 11th, in the women's 200 - meter breaststroke final in the 2016 Rio Olympic swimming competition, Chinese player Shi Jinglin won the bronze medal at 2 points, 22 seconds, 28. Fei Maohua, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing August 12th sports news (reporter Lu Huadong) in Beijing on August 12th at 9 in the morning of the Rio Olympic Games women's 200 meters breaststroke final, born in 1993 Jinglin Chinese history with 2 points 22 seconds after the 28 good results won the bronze medal. After hearing the news, Shi Jinglin's first coach, Jiangsu city of Changzhou Province youth amateur sports school coach Jiang Yi said excitedly: Jing Lin grew up on the swimming is obsessive love, really hard work pays off, the child has finally come true! actually, Shi Jinglin's wonderful performance at this Olympic Games is far more than that. In the women's 100 - meter breaststroke final at the end of the 9 - day Beijing time, she swam out of 1 points, 06 seconds, 37, and finally got fourth. we are two men and apprenticeship "because of water ties." Jiang Yi said, entered the Changzhou youth amateur sports school to learn swimming Jinglin history at the age of 6, the little guy in the pool is very happy, reluctant. Interestingly, at the beginning of the history of science is not Jinglin flower swim breaststroke, but. ????????3???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? mentioned the history of Jinglin passion for swimming, Jiang Yi told reporters, Jing Lin not only in school hard practice, but also often at home in the tub to learn. As a result of his own talent for swimming, coupled with the practice of the day after, the little guy is growing fast. It was less than four years since learning the breaststroke in 2002 and being selected by the Jiangsu provincial swimming team in 2006. Although jenlin is a girl, it is sometimes harder than a boy. Jiang Yi said, in order to exercise the children swimming hand leg strength coach, often arranged for the children to do some training on the shore pull upward, leg stretching etc.. At the beginning, many children couldn't eat the hardships of training. Many of the children didn't come after that. But Jing Lin insisted on training all the time, and he didn't shrink from his hands. Shi Jinglin developed a feisty in the swimming contest stubborn character from childhood. Jiang Yi told reporters, Jing Lin was clinging to the swimming competition, every game will be tried for the first. The 2015 World Championships in Kazan won the bronze medal, and Jing Lin I communicate, she was still on his performance is not satisfied, that I have the chance to swim better, Jiang Yi said. passion for swimming and persistent, feisty stubborn character, made history in the pool Jinglin performance 〉

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