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The official website of NFL, the pony boss for the team this season is still optimistic, football wo Indianapolis pony is now at the bottom of the Southern District of the United States with a 2 - 4 record. Most people think the season of the pony is disappointing, but Jim Irsay, the boss of the team, has a different view. if we could better luck now is 6 wins and 0 losses, said this week. but the only 2 victories of the pony were reversed, so they could also be 0 - 6. pony had a hope of winning every game of the season, but there was a fatal flaw in their collapse at the most important time. Houston play against the people of Dezhou race in less than 7 minutes left when 14 points ahead but was a microcosm of the entire season is coming. , when fans are disappointed, Pagano's Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson are also increasing pressure on the shoulders of Chuck. But in this offseason irsay's manager and general manager are renewed to defend. when I made this decision in a month, it was a long-term decision, yel said. I know we're under a lot of pressure. But this season is not over yet. yil Sai for Grigson's defense. The latter picked the quarterback Andrew Luck (And cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rew Luck) in their first draft but failed to bring him good helpers. In the past few seasons Grieg Sen has been particularly bad at building a defensive team. Ryan Grieg was too unfair for a lot of criticism, yel said. No one cares about his success in the first five years. these achievements include the three consecutive year of the playoffs under the lead of LAK. But after the injury last season, everything broke out. This season, he led the team to score every game this season, the pony is one of the 4 teams can get more than 20 points, but due to bad defense repeatedly defeats the pony. This is the important reason why the defensive Pagano and the poor Grieg Sen have been criticized. will face Tennessee Titan in the next game, and LAK has never lost his career to Titan. Maybe another zoning civil war will change the optimism of El el. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Atlanta hawk manager Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) added an experienced veteran to his ferocious defensive front seven team. The team announced on Tuesday that they signed off line guard Philip - Wheeler (Philip Wheeler). has 8 years of experience in Wheeler's career for the Indianapolis pony, the Oakland Raiders and the Miami dolphins in a total of 493 capture. He has recently played 49 in San Francisco, but he has only played in the pre - season. He was cut off after the last season and did not get any teams in the first six weeks of the season. Wheeler will by Justin Durant (Justin Durant), Paul Vorilo (Paul Worrilow) and Obrien Schofield (O'Brien Schofield) composed of core depth increase. The combination has been captured 79 times this season to help the falcons make the League first (78.8 yards on the field) in the ball defense.|2010 national handball handball championship team title | Jinzhong start |10 hand Association men's handball match. (data picture) newspaper in September 8th, the 2010 National Men's handball championships (second stage) in the Jinzhong gymnasium. More than 200 athletes from 10 teams from Guangdong, Shanghai and Shanxi participated in the competition. All the Games will end in September 17th. according to the current development status and demand of handball, in order to improve the quantity and quality of the game, hand curved rod base center were handball competition system reform on the 2010 national handball championship, this year's tournament is divided into two stages, the winners of the final seating ranked by total points decision in two stages. The first stage was carried out in Suzhou, Jiangsu, in from May 20th to 29th.The official website of NFL |NFL football players what to eat | football if you know the NFL players should know that in the middle of the season, to the basic game let them eat hamburgers what, they may eat the most simple bread hamburger, even vegetarian. But almost everyone drinks protein powder drinks. So, what do NFL players usually eat? Steve Weatherford New York giants abandoned kicker size, he may be the strongest team, the body fat ratio of only 5.5%, nearly 180 kilograms of bench press. His diet is: 200 grams of protein powder every day, fried egg white, no loaf of Turkey hamburger, lean beef spaghetti. If he is going to a fancy restaurant with his wife, he usually eats well in advance and goes to the restaurant to order a salad. Weatherford said: my wife, 170cm, weight less than 100 Jin, every time to eat steak, only 2 times a year, she really surprised me. The biggest temptation of Weatherford is the special hamburger bought by the Red Robin chain. Matt Kalil Minnesota Viking attack cutting front Kalil's work may be enviable - fat, 315 pounds of weight. His diet requires 5000 calories a day. He told the media that he eat meat, pasta and potatoes, plus meals, usually peanut butter and jam sandwiches, emergency rations is Mexico rolls. The secret of Kalil weight gain is 3 cups of high calorie milkshakes with 60 grams of protein powder every day. "If I don't play football, I don't eat that much more," he said. "The weight is estimated to fall to 100 kilos." I'll stay in California at the time. It's very close to the beach. Arian Foster Houston Dezhou runners for a while, Foster was very unhappy because he was attacked by the public for choosing a vegetarian diet. He said, "everyone is a dietitian, and it's all about what I should eat." He designs his own recipes based on vegetarian diet. He eats cereal and fruits for breakfast, eats green leafy vegetables, potatoes and rice for lunch, and eats green leafy vegetables, quinoa and rice for dinner. Foster is also very insistent on his diet, he said: people say I can't eat vegetarian food, but super Marie is eating flowers and mushrooms.

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