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according to the San Diego local media reported on Sunday, San Diego lightning team has unofficially signed free agent guard Orlando - Franklin (Orlando Franklin). Previously, the lightning team to a 4 year contract left left Jiefeng Kim - Dunlap (King Dunlap). for the lightning team, the offensive line is their priority in the offseason problem. For a long time in the team center Nick Hardwicke (Nick Hardwick) choose to retire, and left guard Chad - Reinhardt (Chad Rinehart) since last year with the team signed a two-year contract after the performance has been poor. 27 year old Franklin last season Yu Dan Buddha broncos, eye-catching performance. He and a team of 49 people in San Francisco Jiujiang Mike Lu (Mike Lupati) - patty is considered to be the most common guard with strength in the free agent market this year. Franklin can not only play the front, but also the role of the right cut front, which gives the lightning team more space to choose. If the lightning team really can sign Franklin, they certainly have a good start for the preparation for the next season.The official website of NFL | NLDS Seahawk vs panther (strength) | football forward the United States on January 10th, the Seattle Seahawks difficult to grab a victory in the Minnesota Vikings hands, the score is 10 to 9. Their next playoff match will be 15 - 1 of the Carolina panther in the season. so far this season, the four Panthers quarterback cam Newton cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Cam Newton) eye-catching performance, passing 495 times 296 times, 3837 yards and 35 touchdowns in addition he also completed a 636 yard run ball and 10 rushing touchdowns, in fact Newton's performance greatly affected the Panther attack group. ???????????????????-???????Jonathan Stewart??242?|???????989?????6?????????????????????????????????????????????????????-??????Greg Olsen??77?|??????1104?????7??????????????????????????????????????????????????9??????????????????????????????? The Panthers defense group this season all opponents scored 19.2 points, ranked sixth in the league, the team holds a total of 616 times, 44 quarterback sacks, the team's defense has a second tier league's top players, such as what Norman (Josh Norman), Luke (Luke Kuechly Jikuli etc.). The Seahawks this season 10 wins and 6 losses, open season, poor performance, the second half of the force, the quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) 483 passes completed 329 times for 4024 yards and 34 touchdowns, Werwilson also completed the 553 ball running and 1 touchdowns. The team headed star Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) with a back injury, although the data is poor, but the next game against the Panthers are likely to play the game, he will be the next game the biggest uncertainty, the team did well running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) 147 ball forward 830 yards and 4 touchdowns, but injuries have been identified unable to participate in the game, the Seahawks ground offensive of the game is unknown. This season, the Seahawks took over Doug Byrd is a number of temperature (Doug Baldwin) 78 catches for 1069 yards and 14 touchdowns. The Seahawks defensive game this season were only opponents scored 17.3 points, ranked first, the total number of 548 times the team grab. data from the point of view, the Seahawks in passing yards and opponents scoring ahead while the Panther panther, the only advantage is the ability to promote the ground 〉Handball | Prime Minister Wen Jiabao signed the decree of the State Council promulgated the "national fitness Ordinance hand Association Wen Jiabao (data map) Xinhua news network, Beijing, September 6 (reporter Zhao Chao) Wen Jiabao, premier of the State Council, recently signed the State Council Order No. 560th, announces the "national fitness regulations". The Xinhua news agency was authorized to broadcast the regulation on 4 days. The regulations include 6 chapters and 40 articles. The purpose of the formulation is to promote the nationwide fitness activities, protect citizens' legitimate rights and interests in the national fitness activities, and improve the citizens' physical quality. The regulations stipulate that citizens have the right to participate in the national fitness activities according to law. Local people's governments at all levels should protect citizens' right to participate in national fitness activities according to law. According to the regulations, the State Council has formulated the national fitness program, making clear the objectives, tasks, measures and safeguards of the national fitness program. The state regularly conducts the investigation of citizens' physical fitness and national fitness activities. The regulations stipulate that in August 8th every year as the National Fitness Day, the sports department of the people's government above the county level should organize free fitness guidance services on the National Fitness Day. Public sports facilities should be open to the public on the whole day. The regulations require that no organization or individual can illegally set up examination and approval fees and collect approval fees for all body building activities such as mass sports competitions held according to law. regulations also stipulate that schools should ensure that students during the school day in 1 hours of physical activity each year at least, the school held a school sports meeting, conditional, can also have plans to organize students to participate in sports, hiking, camping in summer (winter) camps and other activities. The bill pointed out that the school should be in their spare time and holidays to students open sports facilities, public schools should actively create conditions to open to the public sports facilities, green park, management unit and other public places shall, according to their own conditions for national fitness field, the design of residential areas shall arrange fitness venues. regulations have been implemented since October 1, 2009.NFL punished the Carolina Panther defensive end forward Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) on Friday in 4 matches, violating the league's doping regulations. The suspended immediately, which means Johnson will miss the game against the New Orleans saints, a League of nations south first game. At present, both teams are 8 - 3. Johnson started all 11 games of the season and got 16 grabs. He will be able to return to the team's list in December 25th to take part in a regular match against the Atlanta falcons. "I assume all the responsibilities," Johnson said in a statement. "I've been recovering from my back surgery, and I have to deal with the physical confrontation in my daily training, and I think it can help me. I made a mistake in my judgment. " Johnson, who is now second of the 67.5 ranking team history, has renewed his contract with the team for 2 years before the start of the season, with a contract worth of $9 million 500 thousand. He will lose the salary of 4 games because of the ban. The number of sacks, ranking first in team history Julius peipers (Julius Peppers) will be replaced in the next game to Johnson Mario Addison (Mario Addison) first. New rookie little Blaine - Cox (Bryan Cox Jr.) will be a substitute with Weiss Horton (Wes Horton).

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