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The official website of NFL, running back Adrian Peterson and close to the saints signed a one-year contract, Waterloo Rugby Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) to find a new owner will begin on Thursday, 2017 before the draft? NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Peterson and New Orleans saints were close to signing a contract worth 3 million 250 thousand dollars, according to people familiar with the news. Rapoport stressed that both sides have not yet improved all the details of the contract, but the negotiations are going in the direction of the contract. The contract will also include a bonus of $1 million worth. , no matter what the final value of the contract is, the most critical point is that Peterson's salary will be lower than the saint's first runner Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram), who has just completed the best season of career performance. Ingram in the past two years in the offensive in the performance of this will make great progress, Peterson focused on in the first two offensive or key attack such as three short yardage or play touchdown zone before the ball attack in theoretically. coincidentally, the saints in the first week and one night game of the first week of the new season will be a guest in Minnesota to challenge Peterson's old East Vikings. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, wh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ich does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Baltimore crow season in the first week will lose a military general, Chong - Saggers Terrell (Terrell Suggs) will be absent this season in all competitions for the rest of Achilles tendon injuries. According to the NFL website reported that Jason had rushed crow military and veteran Babbin (Jason Babin) to reach an agreement, he will fill the holes left by Saggers lineup. 35 year old Babbin last season played 16 times, only 2 sacks, followed by the New York jets cut back. Elvis Du mervil (Elvis Dumervil) and Courtney Upton (Courtney Upton) for the former two kinds of punching, Babbin will Zhadaliusi - with 4 round pick Smith (Za Darius Smith) share out of time. does not expect to replace Saggers crow Babbin, but his experience will help the team of young players. Brandon - Williams (Brandon Williams), Timmy - Jeni root (Timmy Jernigan) and Carle - Davies (Carl Davis) will get more opportunities.The year 2017 is about to pass, and in this year, there are a lot of stories about NBA. Some legends say goodbye to us, some new stories are loaded in history, and of course, there will be some future legends in our eyes. The foreign media also voted for the ten major events of 2017. Let's take a look at it together: 1, February 20, 2017 Cousins (cousin) joined the pelican last season's all star weekend, when everyone was discussing Gordon's dunk, and the funny performance of Curie in the all star game, Durant and Wei Wei joined together again, the cousin was traded to Pelican. For a while, the all star has become the background of the transaction completely. It should have been a week for the players to enjoy it, but because of the gossip, many players are in fear. In order to change this situation, this summer, NBA officials referred to all stars in the trade deadline, which was also referred to as "cousin clause". 2 May 2, 2017, Thomas scored 53 points to last season in the playoffs, the little Assassin's sister died in a car accident. The second games of the wizards and the green army series were supposed to be the 23 - year - old birthday of the little Assassin's sister, that night the little assassin had the pain of his sister and fought for his sister. He scored 53 points in the game, with fourth and 29 points in the extension, helping the team lead the series with 2-0. 3, May 14, 2017 Ryan Nader season reimbursement The first section of the third finals, the Spurs core of Rener de on a jump shot after landing, stepped on the foot of Zaza, caused a sprained left foot, was forced to withdraw from the competition, after he left, the Spurs lost 23 point lead. In the end, Ryan Nader has just returned to the season, and the series has lost a suspense. The slow motion shows that after Ryan Nader took off, Ryan Nader had the action of burying the landmines forward. After this incident, Popovich at Zaza, even the "foot" Bowen day ancestor also believes that Zaza is intentional. 4, June 7, 2017 Kein Durant fatal blow many people will not forget that in the championship this year, Durant finished a fatal blow on the head of James. Durant's excellent performance helped the warriors to win the championship again. Before that, Durant had been chasing James. Because of the existence of James, he even had a "nickname" of "millennial second". But after this championship, many people began to talk about whether Durant has surpassed James. 5, June 16, 2017 76 people got the number one to sign The green army and the net of the in that time made the green shirts a lot of benefit. This year's show conference, 〉The official website of NFL | Indianapolis Pony: ground defense is the key | Rugby Indiana small week accidentally knocked out the winning Denver wild horse by accident, and succeeded in the final of the United States League. They will challenge the old rival new England patriots this weekend, the two teams in the regular season had a confrontation, the Patriots in the game with the ball completely destroyed the ground Red Pony line, unsuccessful rookie running back Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray) students out of the 201 yards 4 times of terrorist data array. Last year, two teams have had met in the playoffs, the game of the pony on the ground is another running patriot Sergio Garrett Blount (LeGarrett Blount) ravaged. The pony can not limit the opponent's ground attack in the last two confrontations of the two teams, and this will also be one of the winners of the two teams for the weekend. 's regular season runs in the middle of the league this season, and the team has a part of the runaway. The interception rates of Bjorn Jonathan and Bjoern Werner Jonathan are 7.6% and 7.5%, respectively, all of which are ranked the top ten of the same position Alliance (Werner). Josh Chapman - defensive spike (Josh Chapman) at the second half of the season to get rid of the previous downturn, their anti run successful upgrade to +4.2 score. Dick, Jackson, Wei inside (D 'Qwell Jackson) also in the season back in the regular season ten A new force suddenly rises., game to get a score of +7.2 (from running the same position sixth), another insider Wei Jie, Lille Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) this season more play a role in covering the defense, anti run the end of undulating, but in the playoffs he began after the last defensive back on the ground, in the wild card race he contributed 7 tackles 4 times against running stop, stop running prevention rate is as high as 23.5%,

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