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The official website of NFL | Griffin 3 has been identified in the eleventh week | football Washington red skinned coach Jay Gruden said on Wednesday's conference that their quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin) is sure to play the battle of Tampa Bay pirates in eleventh weeks. said, "I'm sure it's against the pirates, unless something else happens." You have several weeks to confirm this thing. Obviously, Griffin recovered very quickly, he worked hard, so maybe he would return to work earlier. Of course, he looked at himself. said there were rumors that Griffin will play against the Dallas Cowboys game this week, but the reporter broke the news that Griffin will have inorganic would play, which means Kloth - Mccoy (Clot McCoy) will start. Gredon said that if Griffin recovered, he would continue to be the first. Mccoy replaced Kirk Curtis (Kirk Cousins) sings in the first half seventh weeks of the game, and finished 12 11 128 yards and 1 touchdowns with good performance, and a victory for the red belt, so the team seems to be looking forward to seeing he led the team to get eighth weeks of victory. we will continue to look forward to Griffin's comeback!The official website of NFL |NFL2014 season opener between | football star Beijing time on September 5th, the NFL2014-2015 se cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ason opener, a powerhouse in the Green Bay Packers against defending champion Seattle seahawks. Seahawks defensive reflexes, packers by passing system big kill four. As the saying goes, it is one of the most popular links for the audience to buy tickets, defend the champion, and the spear and shield. Both the packers offense. The Seahawks find north, or is not the Seahawks defensive abuse packers self-care, it will be a wonderful game. Before the unveiling, took a look at the stars of the two teams. attack The attack on the Green Bay Packers is not really suitable for description because there are no particularly powerful outer stars. However, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) as the league's top four elite quarterback, with the brothers to create a variety of impressive record in 10 years of wild card game in the playoffs to win; 11 years of regular season 15 wins and 1 losses (lost character), the first round of the playoffs losing to the New York giants championship that year. In the past few years, the packers have entered the playoffs except for the last season's halfway back Rodgers. After being selected in 05 years and mixed for 08 years, Rodgers averaged 250 yards in all field passes (248.6 yards apart from 10 season), and the most crazy 11 season passed 294.9 yards. Those who have seen the wrapper match that year should be very fond of the rhythm of a moment. In addition to this, Rodgers's running ability is not poor, and can always hold the ball when he can't find the target. It will never be a problem for four or five yards. and the Seahawks Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) has just entered the 3 year, the Seahawks won before the relatively unknown to the public. But Werwilson hand precision in short, combined with its excellent running ability, let the Seahawks offense has full of sound and colour. ????????????????????????????2?????????????????182.8??12????????192.8??13???????????????????????????5.5???????????? The most important thing is that Wilson is now 25, 5 years younger than Rodgers, and he has a lot of time to grow. It's lucky to be a champion so early, but I don't know whether to grow into an elite quarterback with the championship. The packing worker's running guard is actually embellished under its passing attack system. The Eddie Lacy, the first runner this season, is the 15 rookie of the season, the field runs 4.1 yards, and the field receives 7.4 yards. The attacking frontline of the packers is not so strong, such data is for the new rookie.this year only played in one game the Cardinals running back David Johnson (David Johnson) is gradually restored. on Monday, Johnson released a film on twitter, saying he had removed the plaster of his left arm. He also showed the wrists that had been active. He dislocated his wrist in the first week of the game and entered the list of injuries. Johnson also needs more time to rehabilitate his wrist and strengthen his strength. It is still hard to say if he can return to the game. He himself made it clear that he was willing to return, but at present everything was unknowns. is just a part of his health, even if he can return to the last few games, the Cardinals record if no playoff force, let him play just add to the risk. At present 4-5, the first quarterback is still a reserve list of injuries, no one will dare to be optimistic.The official website of NFL | Josh - Gordon: ready to "kill" | Rugby Cleveland Brown's star catcher Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) ended the 10 game's suspension period, and will return to the battle of Atlanta Falcons this week. Last season as the ball is Gordon Mawang, regression is the focus that the whole alliance concerned. This season Brown was laid off, and is now working for NFL media Nate Brecen (Nate Burleson) declared Gordon had privately told him that he will let the union reign of terror. Brecen said on Tuesday's program: "Gordon told me he would beat everyone in the field," he said he would do his best to show his value so as to help Brown qualify for the playoffs. He also said he had lost 10 to 15 pounds of weight, and when he came back to the field, he would be shocked by the whole alliance. Although this year Brown's attack is not the same as last year, this year more attention to run and regional road passing, side pass has decreased, but there is no doubt that Brown will give Gordon the ball as much as possible to help him into a new system. after Brown manager Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) has announced that Gordon and the team's run in and there are many problems in the short term, it is difficult to adapt to the new system, will not put him as the Savior of the world. But coach Mike - Smith Falcon (Mike Smith) that is Pettine in smoke bomb, he thinks Brown will be extremely Gordon's ability. like Brecen said, Brown in this year's new offensive coordinator Kell Hill (Kyle Shannahan) - who has paid great attention to the ground offensive, and the former Ivanov Turner (Norv Turner) on remote attack thoughts have great difference. But from past experience, in the mountain attack system, leading receivers has been an important weapon of the offensive team, so we have reason to believe that Gordon can adapt well to the new offensive system, with excellent performance.

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