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|2014 national handball Handball Championship in Shandong Zoucheng start | hand Association the 2014 National Men's handball tournament was held in Zoucheng, Shandong Province in from November 3rd to 11th. There are 10 teams from Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Anhui. The competition is divided into two groups: A and B: A group: Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Anhui, Anhui, Sichuan B group: Beijing Tianjin Shandong two team in Shandong, Guangdonglooks like Joseph Randall was arrested in the video had a bad influence on the atmosphere of the Dallas cowboys. According to ESPN reports, the Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) Friday and Randall quarreled bitterly, the cause is released Wednesday Randall video. In the video, you can hear the Randall made some comments, including a section involving Bryant, "Randall said Hernandez has yet to ban was because his mother." Although is not very clear, but seems to be Randall because he wanted to know if the theft was arrested af cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ter being suspended for the comments made by the. Bryant in 2012 because the mother slapped was arrested, but then the charges were dropped. According to the Dallas CBS reporter described in Friday's altercation, near end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) to see things to expand, he immediately opened the two sides. Wittends Randall yelled, "well, you can shut up. Can you stop here. Don't say any more. " , and then Bryant was asked the details, he didn't say anything, just saying, "well, that's all right. Not what we need to prepare for the event, the Arizona cardinals." Similarly, Witten also did not say more details: "this kind of thing happens all the time. Once it is known by the media, it will expand and expand. So we will deal with it. We are trying to get out of Monday's defeat and prepare for Sunday's match. but one thing is clear, the Cowboys won't give Randall suspended punishment, only fined him $29500.The official website of NFL, running back Adrian Peterson: not to join the new team in rugby nest Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) to know when people talk about the rumors. And obviously, he's got enough of it now. , a former Minnesota Viking star, has expressed dissatisfaction with people on him and his future views on twitter. you can't believe what you read or hear everything people say, Peterson said. One of the things I don't worry about is to have a ball in the new season... I'll have a ball! This is not what everyone recently guessed is related to money. You'll feel that these experts have been communicating with me directly. When you don't know what's going on, people make up their own stories! Say I put on airs... Say I don't want to play at less than 8 million dollars. but, look, it's easy to add your own views when you don't understand a person or do not understand what they insist on. Unfortunately, this is the world we are in! This is what I say directly from my mouth... I will look for the most suitable team and try to help the team win the championship is my main goal! I'm not in a hurry. Let me sweep away those questions or guesses about why I am not in urgent need. I wholeheartedly believe that God will let me go where I need to go, so that I can get what I pray for him to give. That's all. even though Peterson is optimistic about his future direction, the fact is that he may not have a suitable home for him now, especially because his asking price is high or low. Last week, the Vikings signed Murray Latta Gaius (Latavius Murray) as his replacement. The Seattle Seahawks signed Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy). Oakland Raiders seems to be more willing to consider before considering Peterson Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Other teams that need to run are likely to think about the strength of the draft, and there are a lot of good running guards in the show this year. so Peterson may still have to wait. But from his remarks on Friday, at least he can still be patient. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Colts training camp to the scene of fans boss issued 100 bills football | knife last Saturday in Anderson, Indiana, a group of spectators in a group of training camps. The Indiana Colts owner Jimmy El to lavish, he at the scene were to visit the team training camp fans paid $100 in cash. Pro-Football-Talk reported that Escher programs often carry large amounts of cash. In an interview with a newspaper reporter in June, he showed a $100 briefcase. In March 16th, he was arrested by the police for illegal driving. He carried 29000 dollars with him. The police also seized a package of drugs, including the prescription drugs that were not issued to himself. Escher said, "you think I'm too generous, but I don't think it's anything." This is the way I live, and it has nothing to do with the law. The content of the report is just a hype. Everything I do is allowed in the law. There is nothing to do.

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