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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) after the Super Bowl soon to eat out of the League $11025 ticket, because he is in the third quarter touchdown catch was made after the indecent celebration. And Baldwin himself finally apologized to the public half a month after a ticket. "I am now aware of my own mistakes. If time can be reversed, I will never do that. It's a subconscious action in the competition. It's very stressful. Especially in that case, a lot of things are hard to control, so that's not what I meant. And even though I did that, it didn't actually point to anyone. " Baldwin said at the same time that he was defending his new England patriots Darrelle Revis Darrelle, which was also one of the reasons why he made that move. "The whole game is very fierce, and I'm not easy to get, so I need to use my way to vent it."The official website of NFL | Kham - Newton: Lebron is the best player in | foo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tball instead of Curitiba The regular season MVP of NFL does not think that NBA's regular season MVP is the best player in the NBA League. Carolina Panthers super fans Stephen curry (Steph Curry) has been very love cam - Newton (Cam Newton), but the last season of NFL MVP recently said Lebron - James (LeBron James) than Curitiba stronger, Newton believes James than strong but strong than the knight warrior. Newton told reporters on Thursday that someone asked me, is Curie the most powerful player in the basketball court? My answer is, cocurie is the best player in the best team. I still think James is the best. He can do anything on the court, but he is not in the best team. The energy of the team is always greater than that of the individual. When a reporter asked when Newton how to defeat the library in one of the single in Newton laughed, and replied: you and cam singled out? I can tell you, no way!The official website of NFL | Beckham will become single catch | football warm-up practice New York giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) as against the Dallas cowboys in twelfth weeks when the shaking ball has become the object of the Internet once. Not only is it the match in the game, but the one hand relay that he has been recorded in the warm-up before the game is equally interesting. maybe now Beckham has become the giants a fig leaf, he has become the focus of attention of many fans and photographers are more willing to put the camera on him, this picture is good to capture David Beckham today before the warm-up match with Tennessee Titans when one hand Catching training.The official website of NFL |NFL China flag football tournament entry | football Beijing Railway Station flag football football is simplified and safer version, while retaining the football tactics, team core value and charm, to tear the flag instead of collision to avoid physical contact, to maximize the protection of participants is a gender, age, location and other factors, suitable for all people participation in sports and happiness within. Starting in 2015, all Chinese olive fans over the age of 9 will have the chance to participate in the NFL flag football game this year. Teams from all age groups can compete for the champions of their own cities. The University team's city champion will also qualify for the seventh session of the University bowl. Beijing competition area Mall (Chaoyang District Guanghua Road, No. 9) competition time September 12th, 13 - group competition of the university group October 24th, 25 - primary school, junior high school, high school, open group group, November 7th, 8 - the city final age group primary school - 9 - 12 - year - old junior high school - 13 - 15 - year - old high school - 16 - 18 - year - old University Group - 18 - 22 - year - old open group - 18 and above * Note: players who meet the age or age group are eligible to sign up for the age of the birthday before August 1, 2015. team mode players who meet the requirements of age and school status may be able to sign up for team team or free team team in addition to the university group, all the other age groups accepted and welcomed the female players to sign up for only accepts the team as a unit, and does not accept the individual sign up the number of players per team is at least 8, up to 10, and can sign up for up to 2 coaches or team leaders, enrolment competition adopts the form of online registration of free team team, and the team leader enrolment and registration. The opening time is August 17th. Please pay attention to the latest information from the official website of NFL and the public account of micro-blog and WeChat.

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