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| handball Olympic countdown 50 days: the peoples of Mu glory of the Olympic flame | hand Association Olympic movement is a great gathering and great exchange of people from different countries, races and cultures around the world. When the Olympic flame, representing the universal values of humanity, such as solidarity, friendship and progress comes to the ancient magic eastern China, its brilliant leaping glory belongs to China as well as to the whole world. , during the Olympic torch relay in mainland China, friends from all over the world and Chinese people of all nationalities share the passion and dream of the Olympic flame. In the Kowloon Bridge outside the ancient city wall in Jingzhou, Hubei, Barnes, the Greek ambassador to China, the third torch bearer, is ·, and Michael is excited to deliver the Olympic flame from home. He said: I am very pleased to see that the baton of ancient Western civilization to the outstanding representative of ancient Greek civilization Chinese. [read detailed] June 11th, the Olympic torch bearer Mats (left) and Huang Zhenghong in the transfer process. Xing Guangli, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, in Shangri-La, Yunnan, Madi, a torch bearer from Brazil St Paul, greeted the audience with his broken arm. His optimism and openness infected the people at the scene. "I lost a hand 7 years ago, but I didn't lose hope." I went to judo and volleyball match. I tried many impossible things in ordinary people's eyes. I want to tell people that it is a life attitude not to give up, to laugh at disaster. in the torch relay process, the people from the disaster area and the earthquake relief heroes have become a unique group. In Shanghai, four torchbearers associated with the earthquake relief add color to the torch relay. Bu Zhiyong, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology from the Chinese Academy of Sc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping iences, returned to the disaster area second days after the transmission was completed. Bu Zhiyong said: I believe that it is not important for anyone to run this stick, but the key is to pass on faith, love and support to the people in the disaster area. Transfer of in Chongqing, after losing his arm when the volunteers in the ward small earthquake relief hero Wang Bin, in the ruins of the earthquake buried 179 hours rescued and create a miracle of life by Ma Yuanjiang et al., to become the Chongqing municipal government invited guests to the site to watch the torch relay. Wang Bin, 8, said, "it's very exciting and proud to watch the torch relay. I want to take the scene back to my friends and make them strong." June 10th, the Olympic torch bearer and the jolt (left) and Zhang Zilan held the torch together at the starting ceremony. The Olympic flame has also witnessed the changing changes in the minority areas of China. The folk songs of Zhuang, Miao dance, ethnic brothers and sisters to express the Olympic flame to bring happiness in a unique way. Wu Deping, a 72 year old village branch book of Zhou Xi village, Kaili City, Guizhou, said: today I am the torch.The first 2016 season Monday night game, will be in season two almost can enter the Super Bowl team, the new England Patriots will come across the continental United States Arizona Cardinals away. The two teams last season's performance is remarkable, the regular season is one opponent. American League finals, open the hang of von Miller. Who was the patriot; Panther murder. The new season, the Cardinals continued to upgrade again, while the Patriots were a bit shorthanded, what happens is a mystery. But it can be foreseen that it is absolutely a very ornamental game. attack group dream Cardinals configuration estimation can make a lot of teams with. Not only have the ball League Premier, also has an enviable position combination. Last season rookie David Johnson moves up the draft Abdullah missed the outbreak of regret, and the rookie run in the game to prove himself, can run fast with good flexibility, just help the Cardinals scored super bowl. And once the 2000 yards of Mr. Chris - Johnson is also a career in the spring, a new combination of old and new Alington is completely reduced to third substitutes. Fitxgerald in the playoffs last season against the Green Bay's performance will also tell those who underestimate his opponents, although Lianpo old, but still can be thousands of miles. Freud, Brown "Gemini" and JJ. Nelson will continue to play with fire, let the Cardinals continue to soar. "Second union guard" Ivan Mathis in the offseason to join the red bird, the offensive front upgrade again. again look on the side of patriots, the problem of attacking the front is still there. But we may also see the "double proximal front" tactics, Bennet, Matra from bear Duilai investment, will further enrich the Biliqieke offense. But for the Patriots fans out four main points of Tom Brady is more worthy of attention. Can Jimmy grapolo, a slightly mediocre four - point preseason, win the pressure to help the Patriots get away on the road? ? The defense last season played a very brisk performance. Especially in the backcourt - Matthew and Patrick - Li Shuangjie Pedersen perfect performance. The season of Matthew at the end of the season, the Cardinals didn't also later important reason for further. The offseason Cardinals ensure conservative group lineup complete, and before the introduction of the main military Chandler Chong patriot Jones, the Cardinals weak rushed pass is a great complement. At the same time in the draft that the University of Mississippi potential defensive tackle Robert Kean mdee cut, this is also the day old Campbell Calais - a good supplement. is the biggest problem plagued patriot defense may still be at the pass, the offseason traded last season the team captured and killed king Chandler - Jones, and Ninkovic in the offseason. Although it was a supplement to the former main defensive end of the ram, Chris Lang, but the disadvantage of his age, Lang 〉In the recent 2017 football season, University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida) is the only team that has achieved unbeaten results. They beat the rival Auburn University in the bowl match, which defeated the champion University of Alabama. Some people think that the UCF should be a real championship, and NFL has not been involved in the discussion, but they decided to make some representations in the professional bowl. This year's career bowl will be held in Orlando, where UCF is located. Matt, Matt director of NFL campaign strategy, said: "there is no better way to celebrate their brilliant and unbeaten season and bowl victory than Orlando at home UCF" at Matt. , Griffin, Shaquem Griffin, terkwan Wang Smith (Tre 'Quan Smith) and Jordan Akins (Jordan Akins) three UCF players will be absent due to the graduation bowl (Senior Bowl).Beijing time, September 8th, 1 a.m., the first week of the NFL regular season, Washington Red Skin visiting Houston Dezhou people. The people of the Dezhou 17:6 are open to the door. two teams have attracted enough attention in the offseason. The Redskins signed a new coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden), and ushered in the all star receiver DeShawn Jackson (Desean Jackson) to assist Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III, referred to as RGIII). The Dezhou people are away last year's quarterback, and with the number one pick selected from South Carolina University - Klauni (Jadeveon Clowney Jed viand). He and J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) form one of the most horrible defensive frontlines in the league. the two sides in the first quarter are tempted, at the time of 7 minutes, RGIII was killed. When the first game was 3 minutes and 57 seconds left, RGIII dropped the ball, reacted swiftly, and protected the ball without the right to exchange the ball. Neither of the two parties scored the second. in the second quarter when 11 minutes, RGIII third attack, was sacked second times. You can only give up kicking. 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Dezhou quarterback Ryan Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) also appeared off the ball, but also to protect the ball, no ball conversion. 7 minutes and 57 seconds, the Dezhou people abandoned kicks, red skin back to 25 yards. Later Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris) two shot 16, 21 yards. Finally, the whole guard Darrel - Yang (Darrel Young) finished one yard punching ball. The additional points were blocked by Watt. Red skin 6:0 is in the lead temporarily. 4 minutes and 28 seconds, Patrick has found deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), completed 76 yard touchdowns. Additional score success, Dezhou people 7:6 anti super score. The next attack of red skin was a major mistake. When the kick was abandoned, the ball was covered by the Alfred Blue, and bru finished the game directly. Red skin 14:6 lead into the second half. At the end of the second quarter, a champion of Jackson clowney negative 9 yards grab. But the knee was injured and had to be diagnosed. The second half was not playing. in the second half of the first attack, red skin flush combined, completed 71 yards of the push. At Dezhou's 7 - yard line, RGIII dropped the ball again, the ball was picked up by Watt, and the red skin lost the chance to catch the score. In the third section at 4:06, the red skin attack again mistakes, RGIII pass to Niels - Paul (Niles Paul), but Paul dropped the ball, red skin lost the right to ball. fourth, the Dezhou people had a good attack, and the 13 attack completed the 83 yards. To the red zone, red 11 yards, Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) off the ball "

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