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The official website of NFL, the giants cornerback Jenkins back injury showed injuries, not football nest jijen Norris Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins) was injured by a minor injury. New York giant coach Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) told reporters Monday Jenkins's back contusion in the giants' victory over Detroit's lion. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that Jenkins accepted the examination and ruled out any possible internal injuries, which means Jenkins should be in good condition. , the excellent corner guard, hit his teammates in the first half of the game, and his back was hit by his teammates' knees. It is not clear whether Jenkins will be able to recover in time to fight the Thursday night match against the Philadelphia hawks. He is not expected to be absent for a long time, but he is absent from Monday's training. Jenkins this season is a giant second level defensive signings, he succeeds in marking the opposition's receivers, he was named the NFL cornerback occupation League the fifth best focus. is now the league's five seed giant has one of the best defense of the League - even the best. Keeping Jenkins healthy is crucial to the giants' playoff hopes. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.A large number of Chinese in the United States handball rushed to San Francisco for the Olympic Games torch relay cheer | hand Association Chinese waving the five star red flag to support the Olympic foreigners come to help San Francisco site official cheap nfl jerseys free shipping website of the Olympic news April 10th local time in San Francisco in April 9th 13 (tomorrow morning Beijing time 4), the Beijing Olympic torch will begin in San Francisco to pass the United States in the United States, a large number of Chinese and Chinese organizations have rushed to San Francisco to see the scene of the torch relay, the torch relay event, according to the torch relay has not started in the estimation. The torch relay has thousands of Chinese, they will transfer cheer for the Beijing Olympics torch. Li Leping, a Chinese Medical Association of North American at the scene, said that there were two or three people in our organization. our aim is to fully support and protect the transmission of the holy fire. Li Leping expressed his belief that China could do a good job of the Olympics. Every one of us should do our best to make our contribution! at 6:30 a.m. local time (21:30 Beijing time), a large number of Chinese and overseas students have arrived at the starting point of the torch relay, the Wu Huaqiang of the Alumni Association of Tsinghua University in northern California. In the interview, Wu Huaqiang said excitedly, "we have arrived at the starting point of today's torch relay. Now there are about six or seven hundred people here. We are gathered from all sides. Wu Huaqiang's description of the site is very detailed. All the people arrived from all over the world. I work in Silicon Valley, about an hour's journey here, and there are students from the South Bay Alumni Association, Standford and Berkeley. He also said: we have prepared a lot of Chinese flags, American flags and Olympic flags, and a number of banners like 'ignite passion, deliver dreams'. We are not sure whether we can watch the torch relay here at the time, and the police are few now. We asked them, and they were not very clear. When the torch relay starts, we will walk to the end of the torch, about 20 minutes. , in fact, has already been carried out by the Chinese people to protect the torch relay. In the evening of April 9th, Mr. Lin Danheng, President of the association of Chinese colleges and universities in northern California, held a dinner meeting in the Chinese academia. The meeting decided on the spot, in North America Chinese high visibility Weiminghu space ( and Silicon Valley life network ( of the two sites scattered throughout the world, as the Chinese and foreign students to participate in the Olympic torch relay in the exchange platform in San Francisco in April 9th. " ignite passion feelings of the motherland, pass the dream desire.on Wednesday local time, the Seattle Seahawks of daily training, a total absence of 5 players, including a general - Safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas), but the elbow in the National League final cornerback Richard injured Sherman (Richard Sherman) slightly fewer than FireWire, insist on training. Thomas was hit by the new England patriot player in the same game, and finished the game after a short treatment. He will not be absent from the super bowl without accident. Sherman said he would wear protective gear in future training, but perhaps after more than a week of recovery, the protector might not be his necessities in the super bowl. Others who were absent from training included: right front guard J.R. J.R. (Sweezy), long kicker Clint Grace Hamm (Clint Gresham), and two people were all over last week's competition. In addition, the horse ran Wei Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) Bennet and defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) is a regular holiday.The official website of NFL | card week newspaper: the packers beat the battle of red | football catch up from behind at home town of Washington Red, the East District champion of the National League, to end the regular season with a wave of three consecutive games to meet the recent poor Green Bay Packers. Red is the ideal start, four point guard Aaron Rodgers in the second wave of attack in the packers (Aaron Rodgers) in the end zone was killed, let the red security branch. Quarterback Kirk Cousins in red next attack (Kirk Cousins) took over the ball found outside the DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) completed a 15 yard touchdown, but the referee in the video after the retrial judge Jackson at the 1 yard line out. The packers in the next touchdown zone before successfully blocked red three continuous attack, red have to play score. then the packers offensive team still did not state, while the red up, before the packers considered the number one marker object Redskins tight end Jordan Reed completed 24 yard touchdown catch. At this time the packers offense finally awakening from the 20 yard line on the way to the red line 12 yards after Rodgers's pass found receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) completed a touchdown. The packer finally opened the beard. In the next defense, they killed koxis and succeeded in losing the ball and winning the ball. The switch also helped them to get 3 points by playing the ball. In the last attack before the end of the first half, Rodgers passed the ball repeatedly, and finally passed the ball to Davant, Adams (Davante Adams). The packers took the lead and entered the second half with 17-11. started the second half after the red in the first wave of attack in a smooth manner, which nearly end Reed completed a long four file conversion, and ultimately by their cousins have 3 yards rushing touchdowns. Red skin rewrites the score to 18-17. But the packers in the next wave of attack is also in color, first is very short and rushed the ball forward into the half near, only 4 previous red ball for 6 yards running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) is the first in four grade 1 yards for 11 yards and then completed a continuation of attack. 30 yards to push in red red zone, another running back James - Starks (James Starks) and 4 yards rushing touchdowns made. need to regain the lead at the Redskins offensive group but fizzled out, instead, the packers offensive group state one to stop, shortly after the start of the fourth quarter, the packers scored third consecutive touchdowns this wave, Jiangong is run Wei Lei Xi, then the packers finished with 2 points, than rewriting is 32-14. Since then, the two consecutive attacks of red skin have ended with the failure of the four shift, of which the second place of attack ball right transfer is located in the red area of the party. The packers take the opportunity to expand the score with the free kick. In the next attack, only the red skin, which has the first line of hope, is in the attack.

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