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The official website of NFL | Rodgers and singer Brad Paisley visited South Park | football Aaron Aaron, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, failed in the playoffs, and then repaired her knee for the old season in the off-season season. Aaron Aaron. He seems to have recovered well recently. is not just a few days ago because he said he saw the story of UFO, who recently and the famous singer Brad Paisley (Brad Paisley) visited South park. Rodgers wrote on his Twitter: "the day in the South Park is great, thanks for the hospitality and the laughter." is reported that Rodgers is a super fan of the Southern Park. We can see him showing his love for the play on his twitter, and South Park has always liked to make articles about NFL's events, such as last year's vent door incident.need to enter the Dallas Cowboys training camp before the attention about the team's running backs in the team. last season's main runner Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) is still recovering from her elbow fracture. There is news that he needs 2 months to recover, that is to say, it may return at the end of 8, and have the chance to catch up with the pre-season. recently told cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reporters that Mcfadden will check his elbows on Monday in the United States and decide if he can return to the pre - season. is worth mentioning, because Mcfadden in the recovery, while rookie running back from Iraq Seoul - Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) need to face domestic violence allegations from his girlfriend, it also needs to keep him for a long time. The only team to ensure that the running guard is able to attend the training camp is left by Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris).before the opening of the Indianapolis pony and the new England patriot's Champions league tournament, ESPN Adam Adam Schefter reported that pony plans to provide a big contract for the quarterback Andrew LAK (Andrew Luck). According to , the new contract will make it the highest paid player in the league, with an average annual salary of up to $25 million. But team owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) did not want to talk about the contract after 7-45 of the team's negative patriots. "I'm not going to discuss Andrew's contract," Ilse told ESPN. "This is really not what I care about the most. He has just finished his third season. His new rookie contract lasted 5 years, so I repeat it is no longer my consideration. " , the regular season pass 616 times 380 times (success rate 61.7%), 4761 yards and 40 touchdowns 16 passes by steals. But he played poorly in the patriot's Champions League match. He only scored 12 times in the 33 pass, and the success rate was 36.4%. He got 126 yards and missed the pass, and there were 2 passes. lark didn't sign the new contract until the alliance entered the new year in March 10th, so there is a lot of time for Ilse to raise this matter to his top priority. In this case, when Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) worked for a pony, the pony had not negotiated a new contract until his contract expired. So it may take more time to hear the rumour of a pony and the cornerstone of the team. Lak will be in the fourth year of the 5 - year rookie contract in the 2015 season. And this year the team will choose whether to carry out his 2016 season's team options contract.before the game, the team coach to the general and the media talk about what? Under normal circumstances it is to "go all out" such words. Now the warriors coach Cole touches to some new tricks, before against the Timberwolves team in the home court, he said: "the other directly a shirt is really ugly!" is actually a lot of praise for Cole. For the warrior boss, today, the fourth western team plays very hard and every game is getting better. Butler, who was only joined last summer, was fully integrated into the team and played a leading role. you know, Butler has not played three games today against the warriors, he will also continue to miss Cole's remarks, there are still many compliments mean. But then he changed the subject, the Timberwolves Jersey at a. "Their team is much better than that Jersey. I saw them wearing a very ugly Jersey before. Is that lemon green or fluorescent lemon green? I really don't like this color." did not have the same thing, as early as the day in which the League was released, and Kanter, who was in the force of the thunder team, published his views on the style of the shirt. When the player saw the thunder team's dark blue shirt, the player said he was not able to adapt to the color for a time. "At first I thought, 'what color is this?' but after I saw the Timberwolves' green robe, I thought our shirt was so much better. Not long after that, Kanter was traded to the Nicks team. actually, the two people said that the forest wolves' fluorescent green shirts were the third robes of the team this season. The Jersey, named "Aurora", stands out in many designs. Under normal circumstances, the Timberwolves Jersey only white and dark blue two, the team also hope to have a new color of the shirt, the Timberwolves official said, in a number of players this season after joining, wolves are a new team, the team jersey to some fashion design. is more important in the United States, northern Minneapolis, cold and snowy, Aurora color shirt also represents the team's character and tenacious style of firm and inflexible. You know, the color of the shirt is the first appearance in NBA, which is also a kind of innovation and leap to some extent. Wiggins, the team star, said he liked the robe very much. this season, until now, the wolves have been wearing this version of their jersey for two home games. At that time, the club officials also sent a T-shirt of this color to every fans on the scene, and the whole wolves could be refreshed. this morning, the game of the warrior's home game against the wolves will be held at the Oracle oracle. I don't know if the wolves will wear this.

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