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The official website of NFL | cowboy reversal lion, end war | packers football game by cowboys began to attack the American team of famous Cowboys offensive over all star players, including quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo), and Bryant (Dez Bryant over Davidtz), tight end Jason Witten (jason-Witten), running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMacro Murray), and excellent offensive attack. They face the first male lions in the whole league defense. The lions are sitting on one of the best defensive frontlines in the league, including Damm Ndamukong-Suh. A lion put up a cowboy out. lion attack is by quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford), and Kelvin Johnson took over Megatron (Calvin Johnson), wide receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), running back Baer Joe (Joique Bell) and ike. And the cowboy defense core Sean - Lee (Sean Lee) season reimbursement. The first attack lion achievement touchdowns, Staffordshire a 51 yard pass to find the ball after Tate, running nearly 20 yards to complete touchdown. The cowboy's one attack still didn't make a difference, but their kicker kicked the ball to the lion's 1 - yard line. The lion in his own end zone could not do what the article, but this time the cowboy made a mistake, they hit the lion punter. The lion has completed a 99 - yard attack this time, and the lion is running together, and Bush's team mate Tate does a good stop t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o finish 18 yards of the ball. at the beginning of the second quarter was finally able to limit the attack of the cowboy lion, was captured and killed in Staffordshire to defend the quarterback, the ball, get offensive in their own right 10 yards. But the offensive line guard is still not very good to protect the romo. In the first half and the end of the 1 minutes, by a 76 yard long pass found wide receiver Terrence Williams (Terrence Williams) completed a touchdown. The lion took the ball in 1 minutes and 37 seconds, pushed 60 yards in 1 and a half, and finally scored 3 points. The half - court lion 17:7 took the lead temporarily. In the second half of , the lion began to attack, but the pass in Staffordshire was blocked and then copied at 20 yards of the Philadelphia Eagle gradually entered the training camp state, the competition in all positions became more intense. The position of quarterback is undoubtedly the most important, and the health of Sam Sam (Sam Bradford) has become the concern of people. recently had the news that Eagles fans very pleased, it is reported that Bradford looks good, can prepare for the training camp. Until now we have no way of knowing more about the situation in Bradford. The old quarterback has returned to the second ligament tear and is considered to be the quarterback for the eagle training team. although he is not necessarily the starting quarterback but when you ask the coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) why Bradford needs to prepare for the training camp, the coach replied: "Oh, this is our hope." the first training camp will be held in the United States on August 2nd, if Bradford can not participate in the first training camp for 11 11 and everything will be changed.NFL came to eighth weeks, the Atlanta falcons and Detroit lions across the seas came to Britain, in second games this season in London Games started at wembley. 2 wins and 5 losses record for the falcons coach Mike Smith's position in jeopardy, the falcons fiercely determined to win "came to spain". Half the team offensive and defensive group is not in a condition to be the falcons scored 21 points in the second half and shot 22 to spare no effort to catch up, rely on 21 reverse falcons. lions star Calvin took over Johnson and running back Reggie Bush absent because of injury, have a great impact on the lions attack. I do not know the journey or the scenery is so beautiful, the lions both front 4 shock or the whole score is the second were not able to threaten Matt - Ryan led the falcons offensive team, the falcons won 5 of the first opening, and by running back Freeman Ryan received a screen pass by continuous line health and safety to complete the 7 yard touchdown. Three minutes after the falcons comeback, only spent 3 minutes in the lions cornerback's interference in the end zone with the help of the ball down to 1 yards, and by Ryan short passes to tight end finish Pasco touchdowns, with 14 Falcon 0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Shortly after the opening of the second quarter of , the lion defense team Nick flee of the lion team left the field after the impact of Ryan's knee injury, which is a great blow to the lion's defensive front. Indeed, it cannot resist the lions screen after Stephen Jackson's tough road run and Ryan scalpel like precision, 5 minutes before the end of the first half, the lions cornerback Mathis Julio - Jones interference canceled his ball, the referee in the end zone in steals lane and 101 return yards touchdown. The falcons continued to rely on the game to get a 11000 - yard Stephen - Jackson bulldozer and finish the ball on the 1 - yard line. While people expect the lions can narrow the score when quarterback Stafford at the end of the first half 1 minutes before he gave Forrer the ball was intercepted, 21 more than 0 falcons at halftime. to start the second half, the lions back to the state, either sell or run back over the problem improved a lot, the lions and completed a 22 yard shot in a 7 minute after the attack. The male lion defense team also recovered, one attack against lane and forced him to drop the ball against the falcons. 2 minutes later, out of pocket Gustave getting better, in our side, long pass found by Falcon leakage outside defender took over Gordon Tate, Tate reached the end finished 59 yard touchdown catch, the team reduced the score. After the rally, the defense lions increasingly fierce, even veteran Stephen - Jackson is still fierce, helpless shuangquannandi four legs, the end of the third quarter before passing the lions steals the lane. fourth, the male lion once again completed a shot 13 to 21 narrowed the score. The lions defense group continue to get angry, right end Ansari kill Ryan escapement and forced it off the ball, the falcons failed again. The male lion did not seize the time to attack, andSeattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Erwin (Bruce Irvin) in the future of the team is not clear. He had been involved in speculation, on the other hand, the Seahawks probably won't perform the team option in his contract for fifth years. But coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) still believe that the defensive players can stay in the sea. Carol said, "if we carry out the team options, that's a good thing, and if we don't do that, it doesn't mean anything." We all hope that he can play for longer for the team. Carol also revealed that the team and Erwin had met on Friday. "We exchanged views and talked about their plans. Everything went well. We will try to keep him, and he is very important to us. " was the 15 rookie of the 2012 season, and Erwin finished 16 escapement in the last 3 seasons. The official said, compared with the executive team option, the Seahawks tend to direct with Erwin about.

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