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New Orleans saint is still troubled by the high total salary of the team. On Monday local time, the team decided to dismantle the Curtis Lofton Curtis. According to the relevant sources, the two parties had negotiated the reorganization contract before, but failed to reach agreement. After careful thinking, the team decided to split up with lovelton. The release will also offer more than $4 million in salary space for the team. , 28, was in agreement with the team on a 5 - year, $27 million 500 thousand contract with the team in 2012. Originally, the two sides' contract will enter the third year next season. Lovelton will take 2 million 650 thousand basic salary while enjoying 4 million 500 thousand lineup award and 1 million option reward, which will cause 9 million 250 thousand impact on the team's salary cap. , as the defense coordinator Rob Ryan has decided that he will continue to guide t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he team defense next season, the position of the saints is still not the core of the team's tactics. In the view of the team and Ryan, lovelton can be replaced. Last season, lovelton scored forty-fifth in the PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system in the inner line. In the barren line guard market, he will still attract the attention of a number of teams.Dallas Cowboys against Detroit lions in the wild card race, but today the two teams is a worry a happy. Defensive tackle Damm hole - Lion en Su (Ndamukong Suh) was canceled on appeal suspended, will do so in the wild card race appearance. The cowboy defensive cut-off Henry Melton (Henry Melton) was not so lucky. The cowboy officially announced that Melton would be included in the injured reserve list, which means that the defensive players playoff trip has ended. cowboy in the local time on Tuesday announced that Maier Dunyin right knee injury in the season. Melton, 28, has done a good job after joining a cowboy. So far, the season has completed 5 shots and a team of second. Cowboy this season rushed pass performance worrying, after losing maierdu after they need to find a replacement as soon as possible. At the same time, , the lover revealed that Milton's cowboy career would end. Before the season, the cowboy signed a contract with him for a period of 1 years, with a 3 - year extension. At present, the team will not choose to continue to work with him after the season. Taking into account the DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) and Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) of the contract will be at the end of the season, the team will be on the two people who invest a lot of money. So it would be hard for the cowboy to meet Melton's follow-up contract.SHOOTING STATISTICSPLAYERFGMFGAFG%3PM3PA3P%FTMFTAFT%2PM2PA2P%PPSAFG%Blake Griffin, PF† Harris, SF†6.714.8.4512.45.8.4092.42.80.854.39.0.4781.2240.53Avery Bradley, SG†5.814.3.4091.94.9.3811.52.00.763.99.4.4231.0540.47Andre Drummond, C6.011.3.5290.00.1.0003.15.10.616.011.2.5361.3290.53Reggie Jackson, PG5.512.8.4261.23.8.3082.53.00.844.39.0.4751.1370.47Reggie Bullock, SG4.38.8.4892.04.5.4450.60.80.802.34.3.5361.2780.60Ish Smith, PG4.79.8.4860.41.2.3471.01.40.704.38.6.5061.1160.51Anthony Tolliver, PF2.86.0.4642.04.6.4361.31.70.800.81.4.5611.4890.63Stanley Johnson, SF3.08.1.3751.03.4.2861.62.10.772.04.7.4391.0700.43Luke Kennard, SG2.86.4.4431.12.7.4150.91.00.861.73.7.4631.2000.53James Ennis III, SF† Buycks, PG2.86.8.4140.51.6.3331.21.40.882.35.2.4381.0860.45Boban Marjanovic, C† Galloway, SG2.25.9.3711.33.8.3440.60.70.800.92.1.4181.0590.48Jon Leuer, PF1.94.5.4170.00.4.0001.61.90.871.94.1.4551.1940.42Henry Ellenson, PF1.43.8.3630.51.6.3330.70.80.860.92.2.3841.0340.43Jameer Nelson, PG† Moreland, PF1.01.8.5410.00.0.0000.20.40.381.01.8.5411.1720.54Reggie Hearn, SG0.30.7.5000.30.7.5000. Felder, PG† Reed, C† Montero, SG0.00.5.0000.00.0.0000.† Midseason Trades: Blake Griffin (33 games LAC); Tobias Harris (32 games LAC); Avery Bradley (6 games LAC); James Ennis III (45 games MEM); Boban Marjanovic (20 games LAC); Jameer Nelson (43 games NO); Kay Felder (14 games CHI); Willie Reed (39 games LAC)

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