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The official website of NFL | because Lynch declined to be interviewed or will face heavy fines | football Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) will probably be alliance impose fines of $100 thousand, because he refused to accept the interview after the game again. This week, the Seahawks in 20-24 to Kansas City chiefs. Earlier this week, the media reported that if Lynch continued to decline the interview, the coalition would decide to impose a fine on him. Last season, he was fined 50 thousand dollars for similar media events. It is reported that the amount of fines will rise to 100 thousand this year. this also means that if Lynch continues to decline the interview, the number of next fines may be further increased by 50 thousand. Lynch received an interview after the victory over the Oakland Raiders 2 weeks ago. But after the victory over the New York giants last week, the media did cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not see the excellent running guard. After this week's match, Lynch refused an interview on his way back to the dressing room, and then he received a telephone interview in the locker room on NFL's official website. At the moment, we are not sure whether this telephone interview will help him be free from punishment. In the defeat, Lynch tried to run 24 times, take 124 yards, and hit a hundred yards in two consecutive games. At present, he has the ball 177 times out of 813 yards, 4.6 yards to size.Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) in the 2008 test camp in 4 seconds 24 to break the 40 yard dash record, a rookie year after year boasted that they can break the record again. But no one was able to do that before John Ross (John Ross) broke the record 4 seconds 22 last year. now, in the measurement of camp players aim to Ross, from the Louisiana State University, East Jackson (Donte Jackson) this year to think of himself as a challenger. "this is my competitive nature. I'll be ready to break the record, "Jackson said. "I'm very confident. I don't feel any pressure to run fast. I've been running fast all my life. " , who was also a track and field athlete during the University, was regarded as the fastest player in college football before the start of last season. He is quite agree with this view in an interview, called himself the fastest player in camp test. When asked about his college teammate D.J. Clark (D.J.Clark) is 4. 34 seconds will be this year's fastest test camp, Jackson did not hesitate to answer. "D.J. says he's going to be as fast as I do. But 4 seconds 34? No, I can run so fast without being warm, "he said. as far as his speed is, there's no reason why Jackson is so confident. In track and field, he has achieved 10 seconds and 22 amazing results in the 100 meter race. In addition, he trained in the past 6 weeks under the guidance of Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson). "don't blink," Jackson said.'s job to find the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders is about to start. team owner Mark - Davies (Mark Davis) told local media Tuesday night that he was planning to start interviews with the candidates next week. Davies will talk on Monday and Tuesday, when the assistant coach in the playoffs can have spare time to interview. Davies has made it clear that he will be more involved in the search for the coach. The general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) in the last find the coach was given full autonomy in the process of the team hired Denis - Alan (Dennis Allen). In more than 2 seasons time led the team made only 8 wins and 28 losses record after the Raiders fired Alan in September this year. Toni J Panaro (Tony Sparano), who has been a temporary coach since fifth weeks, is considered to be one of the candidates for the bishop. as for McKinsey, Davies said the general manager would also be involved in the search. But Davies also mentioned that everyone in the team has to be evaluated after the Raider has lost at least 12 games in third consecutive seasons. The big name of now associated with the work of the coach is Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh). He is almost sure to leave 49 people in San Francisco next week. Davies refused to comment on Harbert because of the strict rules of the alliance, but Harbert met Davies's "rock star" level standard set by the new coach.Bowling |2015 Suzhou Industrial Park Huxi community fitness bowling Festival finals congratulations to the 2015 Suzhou Industrial Park Huxi community fitness bowling Festival finals ended successfully in a hurricane, a bowling alley! contestants collective photo awards residents' competition residents' competition

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