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NetEase sports February 19th report: Beijing time in February 19th, in the all star competition, Lebron defeated the Curie team 148-145 times, Anthony Davies first started the battle, only played for 17 minutes, the fourth quarter only played for 2 minutes, 9 6 6 12 points, 2 rebounds, almost all the time is playing the soy sauce. in order to encourage injured teammate Cousins, Davies specially wore the number 0 shirt to play, not play the test God's support, is simply the best teammate. At the same time, the American media also interpreted this as an early recruitment for Cousins. Even if he had been seriously injured, he would also want to keep him in the summer. started in the first quarter, and he once had an inner line against Nebid. He scored 6 points in 3 of 5 shots in 5 minutes, which was the main point of the Lebron team. second day after his play put on his shirt, but this day he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping no longer bear the scoring task, he played only three minutes, is unlikely to have much chance, only in 4 minutes and 21 seconds that help Irwin hit three points, can be said to be completely beat soy sauce. Return to under the basket half eyebrows, slips and also open up the situation for finishing the Lebron team, just put the ball in his hands, he will be able to put in, it also let Lebron play more freely. It seems that Lebron is absolutely right to choose him as a teammate. but he just went down half the game and seemed to prefer to rest a little more. In section fourth, he is still not going to play, 9 minutes and 19 seconds on stage, missed a shot after 7 minutes and 16 seconds again. Although it is the starting point, his pace is not the main force. Although at the end of the game played very tight, but also no eyebrows on the field, the second half played less than 10 minutes. Author: kewellus time Thursday, Michael Orr (Michael Oher), the first attack intercept, failed to examine the caroper panther. 6 days after the team's training camp, and Orr has just announced that it will be a team training camp. orr is the real protagonist of the famous movie "blind spot". In the 2015 season, he started 16 games to help the team enter the super bowl, but announced that he had suffered concussion after third games last season. He is still on the list of injuries. "The brain injury is really scary, and you need to pay attention to it all the time," said tweet, after learning to be released. orr also became the third member of the team's new manager after he took office.Our football equipment since most people are always on the network brand fits the template Jersey crazy Tucao, Adidas had a very interesting activity in the summer, this time, Adidas put the shirt design right to the brain hole wide open to you, as long as the fans can move with the club design, the design will be adopted as a 2017/18 season third shirt. The original intention of this activity is very good, which enables the supporters of the team to participate in the design of team jerseys and maintain the relationship between teams and fans. But now Adidas has decided to remove a part of the design, even if the design is in the top of the ticket, what's the matter?Miami dolphins were ready to face the best situation before Monday, but eventually they got incredible good news. The team had that quarterback Ryan Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) in the win over the Arizona Cardinals game in his ACL, but now they are only found Tanneixier anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament sprain of the knee. According to coach Adam - Gass (Adam Gase) said that Tanneixier treated without surgery. reported Dolphin will Tanneixier weekly check state, but the quarterback in seventeenth weeks before the playoffs or return is possible. Tanneixier will for the first time in his career to end the season wins more negative record. If the last game was his last game of the season, he eventually succeeded in passing 67.1% of his career this season. 2995 yards and 19 touchdowns 12 passes by steals made him the ball. Although there is still a dolphin in the wild card step away, Tannei Searle let the dolphins for the first time since 2008 have the opportunity to enter the playoffs. The challenge of entering the playoffs will now fall to Matt Moore, who has been a substitute for career. Last Moore's first match was in 2011. has a healthy offseason will be very important for the dolphin. Let the team and the coach Tanneixier take on an altogether new aspect. And his return could be a new height for a dolphin. ?

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