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The French team announced the lens team next season's new home court Jersey today, New Jersey is still sponsored by Reebok, Jersey color though still retains the traditional team red and yellow color yellow, but greatly increased compared with last season, the red to the shoulder and sleeve position. The New Jersey used the latest Reebok style template, which is reflected in the new jerseys of the British premier Bolton team announced before, with a symmetrical line decoration underneath the collar and a thin line on both sides of the shirt.The official website of NFL | Cardinals manager about giant attack: Eli need half of the season running in | football changes are very difficult. The New York giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) to know it. When he was second weeks against the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) also know this. Arians recalled his attempt last year to meet with their offense in the throes of cardinals. Ali Anssi thought it needed a half season to re teach Manning's thinking process. I let the quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) last year to play th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e new tactics, Arians for the New York Daily News said on Wednesday. He has played in the same tactical system for 9 years, he has the idea, and then you have to work hard to change the process of his thinking. It would be easier for a new show to wash the brain than to allow a veteran to completely change to adapt to the new system. Eighth weeks ago, he said, I never appraise the quarterback in the new attack system. Manning is still in a state of running in. He is still learning the offensive tactics of the new attack coordinator, Mcadoo (McAdoo). It was obvious both in the pre - season and in their last week and one night match. In the Monday night match against the Detroit lions, Manning looked indecisive and distrusted and ended up badly. We are in the last eighth weeks, talked about how Palmer was in charge of the Arians attacking in the season. At that time, all of a sudden, you could see that the players around him began to have a tacit agreement with him. They had a faster attack and better performance. last year the giant's season ended eighth weeks ago. If Manning can't speed up his study, the same thing may happen again.everything has made the classic Super Bowl. The super bowl again to refresh the record ratings, a single set of TV programs in American television history the highest ratings; in China, more than 12 million spectators in the Lunar New Year's day morning to watch the Super Bowl broadcast, including new media platform audience of up to 5 million; the second half of the match the viewing rate of more than halftime show, became the live audience climax. At the same time, the super bowl has once again become a hot topic in social network, the end of the game second days, only # Super Bowl 50# micro-blog topic reading volume reached 380 million. ratings are more innovative than millions of Chinese viewers watching the live Denver Broncos and pull the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl ultimate showdown as in previous years to become the majority of American families are preferred, the number of TV ratings of 167 million American television history once again set the highest single TV set ratings records in 19; China, media in the new year's day comprehensive live audience than the Super Bowl this year. The 12 million is 3 times the previous. Among them, the number of viewers in the new media platform was 5 million, up 85% from the previous one. This year, the growth of Super Bowl in Beijing is particularly prominent, and the TV ratings in Beijing are 8 times as high as the last Super Bowl. 2015-16, in the whole season, NFL live broadcast and VOD on the new media platform totaled more than 217 million. Among them, the total number of live broadcast was over 31 million, and the number of NFL games and TV shows in the TV media reached 78 million. fiftieth Super Bowl Game All seats are occupied. Super Bowl detonated social media discussion upsurge "super bowl" is the hottest social topic both at home and abroad. According to Nelson data, there are more than 15 million netizens in the world during the fiftieth Super Bowl competition during twitter live competition. In China, the situation is equally hot. At the end of second days, the amount of reading # Super Bowl 50# topic on micro-blog more than 380 million, is 2.7 times the previous Super Bowl for 6 consecutive days; and successfully occupy the top three micro-blog sports topic. It is worth mentioning that, in micro-blog released the 2015 annual "white paper" in sports, NFL China official micro-blog account in the "events and media influence the list of columns in the event organization influence sixth, more than the Bundesliga, La Liga and other international occupation alliance, but also reflects the growing influence of NFL in Chinese. ? sports and entertainment cross boundary mode is sought after Super Bowl world top sports entertainment as a world top comprehensive sports and entertainment events perfect fusion, the super bowl also attracted the apple CEO Cook, Beckham, NBA star Stephen curry, Kevin Durant, F1 champion Hamilton, Hollywood actor Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Hodson and his wife, R&〉NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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