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Indianapolis pony will strengthen the running ability for their line guard position. The team announced Friday and former Denver Broncos inside linebacker Nate Irwin (Nate Irving) signed. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that he signed a 3 year contract worth up to $9 million 250 thousand. , the 26 year old player, first started the first 8 games in the wild horse last season, followed by a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. He is a good beginning of file anti run player, he will upgrade the pony last season ranked eighteenth in the League at the ball. Occupation Football Focus Network in the 2014 season to score 9 weeks before Irwin made him the league's fourth inside linebacker in rushing defense. In the 4 season of potency, the first three rounds of achieved 104 tackles, 2 tackles. One of them was quarterback Andrew Luck when faced with the pony in the first season of last season.The official website of NFL | Griffin III: the team won't force me despite his | football Robert Griffin I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping II (Robert Griffin III) issued a statement on Friday local time, saying he would not venture before the ankle injury was fully recovered. Griffin confessed: I am still in a recovery period and I try to make progress every day. As the saying goes, a man can take temporary setbacks, I will wait until now. in the interview, Griffin stressed that Washington will not require his barely injured appearances. Although this week's opponent is a recently hot Dallas cowboy, the result of this match will also affect the trend of the whole season. But Griffin and the team have agreed that they will not venture. Jay Gruden, the coach, also said that only 100% of the healthy Griffin would be the first team to start. earlier this week Gruden said that if Griffin still can not play, the team first will be the No. three quarterback colt Mccoy (Colt McCoy). The red skin plan was officially announced on Monday local time, but without a surprise, Mccoy will lead the red skin in eighth play switch auto play JJ- Watt 2015 season regular season ten best balls: again hit capture record is loading... in Walt training Tencent sports news September 2nd last season Houston Dezhou defender JJ w (J.J.Watt) in the case of injury still won third defensive player of his honor, this is the only Hall of Famer Laurence - Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) done. Watt, an interview with recently, said, "I have to face the reality, because I need to play, and it will all happen. Maybe when I am 50 years old, I can't walk." then I will say, "you were stupid when you were young, but now this is what I need to do." injured Watt on the left hand, with his back protruding and five muscles ripped off last season. He still did 17.5 trills, 32 quarterbacks, 26 quarterbacks, 8 touches, 3 shots and 1 times. Watt told reporters: "last season is the worst year of my body. I need to fight with injuries. My hands fractured. My back is prominent, my groin has problems, but I don't think everyone can understand this situation."The official website of NFL | saints 4 years running back Ingram | football contracts Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram) will continue in the backcourt team for the New Orleans saints charge into the enemy ranks in the next few years. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday, according to people familiar with the matter, the saints had been renewed for 4 years with the tough style running guard, and the value of the contract was 16 million dollars. saints coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) emphasized this week that Ingram is the player we want to leave, especially when he has cut off his teammates Pierre Pierre Thomas (ierre Thomas) to vacate the salary cap space. After refusing to get Ingram into the free agent market, the saints have left one of their most attractive young players. After a slow start in his career, Ingram last season every aspect looks like a first round show appearance, his team in the region run open in a rare display of strength and explosive force tactics. This simple system is very suitable for Ingram: he showed better patience to punch the ball 964 yards and 9 touchdowns, each rushed the ball 4.3 yards. Three days before the opening of the free agent market on Tuesday, the new contract for Ingram gave Ingram the name of a big runner in the market. The saints know that the 25 year old runner will attract a large number of opponents, including the Philadelphia eagles. Compared to other players in the free market, such as Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews), C.J. C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller), or the older Frank Gore (Gore Gore), Ingram looks more suitable for the first time. The last offseason intend to carry out his fifth year contract option, but everything we see in the 2014 season shows a peak stage running back is entering the occupation career. the contract is fair. No one can get a contract that is close to the 2 - year contract extension of the Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks contract will make him the next 3 seasons to earn $31 million. However, Ingram's contract is still roughly close to the level of contract that this group of running guards can get into the free agent market this year. in addition to the amount of the contract, the saints in the pay cap space should be praised for locking one of their most talented players.

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