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in March 7th, Anta Sports Products Limited officially announced in Hangzhou as partner of Zhejiang Green City Football Club and sports equipment sponsors, and released the 2018 season's new home and field jersey of Zhejiang Green City Football Club. This is the first time Anta has worked with professional football clubs in the new season, Zhejiang green city football club players will be wearing Anta equipment in the first game. Anta green city player map Anta Green City home shirt captain Chen Bailiang shows home Zhejiang Greentown football club new season shirt by Anta overseas design team, in the continuation of the traditional club at the same time, show the Zhejiang football team to defend the honor mission through the humanities landscape elements into the unique local color. At the same time, the New Jersey also pays tribute to the glorious history of the club for the past 20 years by joining the special design of the 20th anniversary commemorative club. Zhejiang Greentown Football Club New Jersey Club classic home court continued green appearance, and draw inspiration from the Hangzhou City townhouse arrangement of the street, with subtle green thin vertical stripes, forming vertical stripes like turf texture appearance, showing the team with strong sense of organization and rules. The green stripe also incorporates the "V" pattern that symbolizes victory, showing the team's infinite desire for the victory. fan Jinming show door service ? Fan Jinming's display of this year is the 20th anniversary of the Zhejiang Green City Football Club. Therefore, the new season's jersey also added a number of special designs for the 20th anniversary commemorative clubs. Jersey chest add an elaborate 20th Anniversary Special Edition badge, and a symbol of noble elements and floating cheap nfl jerseys free shipping golden ribbon pattern. In addition, the words "1998-2018" and "20 Years" show the 20 years' experience of the team that defends the honor of Zhejiang football. photo 's simple and comfortable sports round collar design makes the New Jersey home court Jersey more modern in the new season. The golden border around the collar symbolizes the team's desire for honor. The collar of the collar with golden "Zhejiang Greentown F.C. 20th Anniversary" (Zhejiang Green City Football Club 20th Anniversary Memorial) words. Behind a gold collar with 20th Anniversary Club souvenir badges, badges in addition to join the "20 Years Anniversary" (20th anniversary anniversary) ", the number" 0 "is added from the flower pattern badge in the meaning of perfect conjugal bliss. crowns show off On both sides of the shirt, a bright green film punching with the appearance of the Anta DNA element is added to the body.NFL's official website, Adrian Peterson, a potential home football nest after 9 years of long Viking career, AP28 became a free player for the first time at the end of the season. Considering that his contract next season will be as high as 18M -- far beyond the 8.9M of Sean Mccoy, the second highest runner in the league, his future will be confusing. league teams have potential home Peterson, but his contract must be carefully let the team GM. After the 2014 season for meniscus injury and 2016 of the season, we see the former king before the three season only played 19 games, although during this period, he was in the 2015 season to re climb the League to punch the ball mawang. last season, only 37 red ball, 1.9 of the code may not explain what the problem, especially in regard to help him advance is a lower than the league average line. After his resurrection season of blood resurrection, if his knees can still bear the baptism of the union, he is still likely to return to the peak. He will continue to lead the League at the age of 32 -- if I can say, "if so," however, there are three cross on his way to revival. - according to the league's statistics, since the 70s of last century, the running age of 28-30 years old has been rapidly declining: a total of 10 running guards have been over the Millennium yard at the age of 32. - in this ball - first alliance, AP28 has been a bit out of the age as a I formation. When he entered the league, the league has a team playing shotgun formation using more than half of the opportunity to attack. Last season, the 63.6% attack files with long kick-off, 80.4% pass file array shotgun. For AP28, his whole career was used to stand behind the quarterback and wait for the delivery, lacking the ability to catch the short pass himself. - 2017 first round draft full of talent type running backs, including other fournet (Leonard Fournette), Darwin Cook (Dalvin Cook), Kristen Mike Cafu Lee (Christian McCaffrey) and Alvin Kamala (Alvin Kamara). AP28 is likely to meet the many disadvantages of the contract when he enters the free agent market. then let's take a look at his potential home. 1, Viking if the Vikings can improve the attacking front, AP28 has made it clear that it would consider staying in the Vikings. And staying in the mother team is likely to maximize the value of his contract. 〉The official website of NFL | made the audience noise by the NBA | football Falcon punishment Atlanta Falcons have been punished by the Alliance for making the noise of the audience. The Alliance announced a $350 thousand fine for the falcons, and the team will also lose the fifth round draft of next year's draft. Team president Ricci McKay (Rich McKay) will also be suspended from the league competition commission for at least 3 months since April 1st. as the chairman of the competition committee, Mackay is one of the most influential teams in NFL, which can be seen from his important role in the NFL annual conference. The penalty is also a warning to other teams who try to use the noise of the audience to gain advantage. Federation found that former hawk activity marketing director Roddy White (Roddy White) was directly responsible for the team's violation. According to the union said Mackay on the team did not know the audience to noise: our survey also identified Falcon owners and senior management personnel, including team president Ricci McKay, Mr. White did not know the use of sound made the audience noise, union said in a statement said. However, Mr Mackay, as a senior manager responsible for the operation of the competition, should be responsible for ensuring that the team's employees comply with the rules of the alliance. The result is that Mr. McKay will be suspended from the competition committee from April 1st. He was not able to ask the president (Roger -) Godell (Roger Goodell) to resume the Commission until June 30th. loses the performance of the talent show in the future, but it does not affect the 8 talent show that the hawk currently owns in the 2015 draft. In a statement on Monday, called the investigation an embarrassing falcons boss Arthur Blanco (Arthur Blank), saying he would not appeal against the decision of NFL and took steps to ensure that it would not happen again. What has happened is wrong and far from the standard we operate on the team, Blanco said. Any behavior that violates NFL's fairness or threatens the culture of our team must be solved promptly and strictly.Dalian | shuttlecock shuttlecock enthusiasts | riding a bicycle to Zibo | in Shuttlecock Association luzhongchenbao Zibo September 4th news (Intern Ma Zhipeng) to shuttlecock friends, riding a bicycle across the country. Yesterday, the Dalian shuttlecock enthusiast Huang Xisheng riding a bicycle came to Zibo, he said he wanted to put the shuttlecock to every corner. yesterday at 14:30 PM, arrived in Zhangdian Huang Xisheng, eager to Bauhinia Garden District, with a friend are playing up their residential square. The sun, drenched with sweat yellow jersey, but conceal his joy. Huang Xisheng is Dalian District of Ganjingzi City, Zhou Nan community, 48 year old, a shuttlecock, I had 17 years. To visit the friend, in May this year, Huang was riding a bicycle with a dozen days to reach Beijing, round to Beijing Tiananmen kicking shuttlecock dream. This time, Huang Xisheng embarks from Dalian in August 29th, first ships to Weihai, and then ride a bike through Yantai, Qixia, Laizhou, Weifang, to Zibo. Huang Xisheng said that he had to walk south to Hainan, he hope that through their own actions, let the popularity of shuttlecock. a tent, an air mattress, some homemade shuttlecock, there are 500 yuan of money, is all the equipment Huang road. ????????????3???????100??????????T???????? Huang this trip to Zibo for another purpose, is to participate in "the origin of the football World Cup 2005 National Women's Football League final daughter cheer. His daughter, the captain of the Anhui women's football team, was rented by the Zhejiang women's football and came to Zibo for the competition. "I'm riding a bike to give her a blessing. I'll give her a big surprise without telling her in advance." Huang said to wait until the end of the game the daughter in Zibo, welcome friend looking for him to learn skills.

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